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Guest bloggers!

(Denise Hayes) #1

Hi all - I’m looking for guest bloggers again! You can post about anything you like - your crafting, a trip you took, a family favourite recipe, a tutorial…

If you have a blog too I’m happy to return the favour!

My blog -

Comment here or message me if you’d like to have a guest post.

TIA! Denise

(Denise Hayes) #2

Anyone? I dont’ bite!

(Silvapagan) #3

I may have something you can use :slight_smile: I’ll have a look back through some of my old articles and see if there is something I can freshen up for you.

(Denise Hayes) #4

that would be great. thanks! Denise

(Denise Hayes) #5

Forgot to say you would of course get links to your shop/blog/fb page etc… on the guest post.