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Have you blogged today? September 2015

(Elaine) #1

Kicking off September with a bit of elderflower champers!

Elaine :cocktail:

(Sue Wright) #2

Barrows, bubbles and bobbles
of the woolly kind

(Leah Wilkinson) #3

Wrote a Folksy Friday post which I featured 5 shops from folksy who had interesting products with cats on.

(Julia K Walton) #4

A walk by the Solway Firth - Newbie Mains to Barnkirk Point, Annan:-

(Julia K Walton) #5

Vintage vases:-

(Leah Wilkinson) #6

My featured item today are these filigree red earrings from my shop

(Julia K Walton) #7

Kielder Viaduct Walk and The Aviva Tour of Britain Cycle Race Stage 3 Photos:-

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(Julia K Walton) #8

A day out to Morecambe

(Fran Watson) #9

Hi! Not listed any items in my shop yet but I’ve started blogging about setting it all up and getting started (well I’m only on my second blog post but you’ve got to start somewhere right?). The latest post is about product photos:


(Elaine) #10

off to have a read of your blog Fran :blush:

Here’s my latest post … Summer into Autumn:


(Leah Wilkinson) #11

my folksy Friday blog post this week has the theme of geeks and gamers

(Teresa Bettelley) #12

A new blog post from on the inspiration for my new embroidered house hoops

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(Leah Wilkinson) #13

This thread doesn’t seem to be as popular this month for some reason?

Anyway here’s my featured item for this week my purple leaf necklace

(sandranesbitt) #14

here’s my latest blog posting

(Angela Finch) #15

New blog post about bookmarks, marbles and cake.

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(Caroline Wong) #16

Hi everyone! I have a new blog today about the handmade items I made for my wedding day!!My-Beautiful-Handmade-Wedding/cg7v/55f9937c0cf2b08c9b84beea
I hope you enjoy! Any feedback would be great! Thanks Caroline x

(Elaine) #17

Blogged about my sister’s 50th and the little brooch I made for her.

(Sarah Eves) #18

Couriers…love them, hate them - cant do without them!

Sarah x

(Lucy Reynolds) #19

I’m trying to get into the habit of posting to my blog every Wednesday. This week I used it to share a new listing.
Newly listed on Folksy - baby twins card.

(Teresa Connolly) #20