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Have you Blogged today.....September

Here is the place to show your blogs so that others can visit and read what you are up to.
Today I have blogged about the sensory play mat that I am creating

I have now added to my September blog

I also have an artwork blog

I’ve just blogged about my holiday in Konstanz

Brenda could you possibly add 2016 to the thread title to help distinguish it from 2014 and 2015’s September threads? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I did it but I seem to have been downgraded as a forumite and can’t edit titles anymore. @teabreaks

Not sure how to do it Stephie…there doesn’t seem to be an edit button for the titles…any clues?

It used to be to the right of the title, a little pencil icon. I thought it was just me being downgraded that meant i couldn’t see it anymore but maybe it’s vanished for everyone. Odd though for the post owner not to be able to edit the title.

I’ve blogged a photo of heather, a farewell to summer (not quite!) and some links I’ve found recently, as well as some (very) short book reviews recommendations - it’s a bit of a round up post!

(edit to include the forgotten link!)

Do you have a link to your blog post?

Whoops, I copied the link but forgot to paste it :blush:

Here it is

Thanks for letting me know :smile:

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A recent trip to Edinburgh with my family:

Hedgehogs welcome…

I’ve done an interview with Moon River Jewellery, whose shop is here - - over on my blog