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Have you ever reported a parcel missing and found it a month later after you've been refunded?

OOPS. Mid December I order a little book about Indian birds ( :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: from Amazon. A couple of weeks later I realised I hadn’t received it so messaged the seller and was refunded in full with apologies. Seller said he would chase with Royal Mail but may not have bothered as it was only a fiver including postage.

On Tuesday I needed a new roll of my 0.8mm tinned copper wire so reached into the crate under my bench where I store it. 2 new rolls in a padded envelope been there since… mid-December !.

Guess what I’m going to say next ?

Yep, found that little missing book. The wire package was a bigger padded envelope and was bent round the little book’s plastic envelope and secured with Royal Mail rubber bands,

I’ve sent it back to the seller first class and left him a very nice feedback.


I haven’t…but I had something similar happening. I sent an order to a customer who claimed it never arrived. I made another item and sent it to them. Months later the customer contacted me to say the 1st package arrived (who knows where it was) and that she would like to pay for the second package as she wanted to keep that too.

Isn’t that nice?!


That was nice to send it back - most wouldn’t!

I have a book (tracked postage) that went to Abu Dhabi and made it to the post office in the town as the recipient wasn’t in. Even though I told her it was there she never collected it and it was returned by the post. She was really unpleasant and demanded a full refund even though it was her fault. Postage was £14.90 and I had to refund that too!

Anyway the book got lost in transit and Royal Mail refunded me in full inc postage so all was actually OK!

Then THREE months later the book turned up - it had been returned by the cheapest method which was by sea!! I contacted RM who said I could keep the refund and then I resold the book which amazingly had been half way around the world and was in perfect condition!


This happens in my ‘real’ job all the time. A client once swore blind she hadn’t received an order we’d produced for her despite the courier having the signature of her post room on the delivery note so we knew it was in the building. We had to reproduce it, she paid again as are the Ts&Cs… and about a week later a colleague of hers found the original delivery under her desk, hidden by her gym kit and some shoes…

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I ordered some cards, first batch went missing so she sent out some more (I opted to go for different patterns in case the first lot materialised) and sure enough the day after Jess put in her lot parcel claim with Royal mail the missing ones appeared (I paid Jess for the new lot and she got the compensation from RM as well).
In my previous career we didn’t have a dedicated goods in so parcels got opened by who ever had a spare minute and in one case they fished out a bottle of reagent and thought that was it. The person had actually ordered 2 not 1 bottle so raised a complaint with the supplier that one was missing and was duly sent a replacement. Scroll forward several months and I need to pack up a box of compounds, whilst sorting through the various boxes and packing peanuts for one the right size I happen to find the other bottle from the original shipment. Thankfully it wasn’t a temperature sensitive reagent.