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Help! quandary!

(by John) #1

We’re thinking of changing our caravan to a 4 berth with two fixed single beds - mainly to avoid the need to make the beds up each night (I know, lazy!). But on trawling the internet reading up about them I’m beginning to wonder if they are really intended for ‘the kids’ while the grown ups sleep in the pull out slat double bed in the sitting area.

Are there any grown ups out there that happily use the single beds? I need reassuring, or putting straight!


(Silverspiral) #2

Hi John, I’m not sure about newer modals,
I would imagine they are built to take any weight, child or adult, and it’s not like you are sleeping on them constantly. Ours does not have fixed singles so can’t say for certain.

If you have an idea of what you like, look it up on the makers site and see if there is a downloadable information book, manual that you can read.
Hope that helps

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #3

Hey John,

Is it a large “static” caravan, or a tourer? If a Static, you can probably put “normal” beds in there… in which case, maybe you can find some 2’6" beds that fix together to make a “double” when needed?
As an adult, used to my cosy double bed, I do find a single feels a bit strange, but have slept comfortably in one on occasion. I think the most important thing is that the mattress is as good as possible - not cheap and squashy and not too firm!

Good luck with the renovations!

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(Margaret Jackson) #4

I have a single bed and it’s what I’m used to, so it wouldn’t worry me in the slightest!lol

(Joy Salt) #5

I’m pretty certain those fixed singles are for the little people and you will still be making your own double after they have gone to sleep

Here is a radical solution - from one who’s children have long flown the nest (and the caravan) and as an owner of a motorhome with a wonderful, always made and ready for a snooze, fixed double bed…

Buy a caravan with a luxurious fixed double bed and get yourself a good awning, 2 folding campbeds and sleeping bags and banish the kids to their bedroom in the awning :slight_smile:

(by John) #6

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been away at the caravan!!

I didn’t explain myself very well. It is a tourer I’m talking about, and there are no kids involved (apart from me and the missus!) and by “changing” I meant get another caravan to replace the one we have now. I don’t think I could tackle a conversion!

Having looked around some more this weekend it looks like these fixed single beds are big enough for adults, they measure 6’ 5" x 2’ 5" which I think is pretty close to a standard adult proper single bed.

All we have to do now is find one as they are very popular!!


(Margaret Jackson) #7

I’ve always used a 3ft single bed, 2ft 5 is a bit narrow, but if it’s only for holidays it should be absolutely fine.

(Joy Salt) #8

If you can get a fixed bed, whatever the size, in which you can comfortably fit… go for it.
Just got back myself from a 4 nighter in Dorset in our motorhome and we’ve only ever had a fixed bed and it’s wonderful.
My sister has a caravan and has to make the bed every night. :cry: :cry: I feel really sorry for her

(by John) #9

Oh how I know that feeling Joy! It’s a chore every night and morning. I now it sounds lazy, but when you are tired and just want to fall into bed there’s nothing worse! Hoping to put it right soon!

(Joy Salt) #10

and oh the bliss when you’ve feeling like a relaxing read in the middle of the afternoon to just climb onto the bed to read (and wake up 2 hours later book, or kindle in my case, still in hand)

(by John) #11

Think we’ve tracked down what we are after …a twin fixed bed Swift number! Won’t get our hands on it for a couple of weeks though - shame :frowning: but that wil soon pass :-).