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Home Sweet Home

Not. Well I did the move only to find the new house nowhere near accommodates my old house contents less tons of trips to the tip. We’re missing a garage and attic so go figure. :disappointed:

I no longer have my own work space which I knew I wouldn’t moving here but never did I think I wouldn’t have enough room?! I’m not prepared to scrap pieces of my furniture, the kids bikes, Christmas tree & garden furniture to name a few since their not cheap so now I’m house hunting all over again. :disappointed_relieved:

One bonus is half of my things are still in boxes so I’ve got a head start with packing LOL :laughing:

BT only came this afternoon so I’ve only had the internet back a few hours. At least I can look for something else now from the comfort of my pc instead of my iPhone, that’s so frustrating!

Hope you’re all well and have some lovely new things to show me. x

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Hi Kelly, so sorry to hear that your new place isn’t everything you hoped it would be. I’m new here only set up my shop last month, but have been reading the posts, and I have to say I’ve noticed how supportive you are to everyone, so hope you’re feeling the love back. It seems that everyone has missed your cheerful posts, me included. Hope your house hunting goes well, and as you say the bonus is that you haven’t fully unpacked, is that enough of a positive spin to keep your chin up?? Take care, Good Luck with the search, Luba xx

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Awww thanks ever so much Luba @madebyluba. I’m definitely keeping my chin up, my next place will have what I’m missing and i’ll have my own work space 100%, what more could a girl want? (not including diamonds) x :grin:

Oh no Kelly! That’s a shame :frowning: I hope you manage to find somewhere bigger soon xx

Sorry to hear that Kelly. Must be awful. (((Hugs)))

yay you’re back! Boo the house doesn’t fit. I can’t remember if you were renting it or not but hopefully you won’t be stuck there long, could some of the boxes go into a storage unit in the interim? My sister and her OH have just moved from London to York and they now have a he cave and she cave and don’t know what to do with all the space.
Finally finished doing all my tags and revising my text and listed a few more things just in time (plus account runs out tomorrow so I’ll be storing up new things for a month before renewing it). Of all the stuff I’ve listed this is probably my favourite

Currently working on a stack of birthstone rings, the tot that turned up early is holding up production because her stone hasn’t arrived yet (she also doesn’t like her stone as it is purple and she likes red, her mum and I have pointed out that if she had arrived when she was supposed to then she would have a red stone!)
Happy house hunting.

Thanks Donna @RedDragonDesigns, Rhiannon @RhiannonRoseJewellery & Sasha @SashaGarrett. I plan on getting out of here asap. I’m only renting so that’s another bonus I guess. OH is looking right now, I suppose I should help too but I opted for the community to escape it all lol. :grin:

I absolutely love the cuff Sasha, it’s gorgeous! You’re descriptions are so informative, super!

The birthstone rings sound lush! Any chance of a sneak peek when their ready? x :laughing:

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Photos of the birthstone rings will of course follow (if this tanzanite ever turns up, come on India Post).
I might be stating the bleeding obvious here but double check what the minimum rental period is - the OH and I got caught out once as we thought we could move out after the initial 6 month period was up so long as we had given the appropriate amount of notice. Turned out that actually we weren’t allowed to hand in our notice until the 6 months was up making it 8 months minimum, not ideal as we were burgled (I chased the guy out) so desparate to leave.

Can’t wait to see Sasha @SashaGarrett. I checked that already when I came to view the house and I’m able to go whenever I wish, good job! I couldn’t stick it here for 6 months. At least I can get out into something super de duper in time to be done up for Christmas! x

Awww, Kelly @tagpress I’m sorry your move is not the right one, but I’m sure you’ll get settled somewhere more suitable soon.

I think we have all missed you on here :smile:


Thank you Sarah @sejleather, I’ve missed you all too! x :wink:

I’m also sorry to hear that you move hasn’t gone well, but I bet the next house will be great!

Tina :slight_smile:

Thanks Tina. x @DaisyWings

Good to see you back on the forums. So sorry to hear that your move wasn’t what you wanted. Good luck with finding something suitable.

Thanks Megan. x @SoSewMegan

Hi Kelly @tagpress

I hope you settle in well into your new home an it becomes a place that you’ll love despite it being “smaller size”

Just had a peek an i love your shop

All the best

Tola x

Thank you Tola. x @DetolaAndGeek.

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