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Mattress selling scam - could be in your area!

A white VW van marked as Dream World Beds has been in our area. It is full of mattresses, which are being offered at very low prices for cash. EG, single memory foam mattress, in packaging, with label saying £499 being offered for £150 cash as a cancelled order. If you can’t afford that much you will keep being offered it for a lower price.
This is possibly part of a nationwide scam where old mattresses are re-covered and packaged and sold as new, so if you are approached, please be careful and check them out before buying (check to see if you can find the business on line, don’t call the mobile number on the side of the van as that will be part of the con). These mattresses, besides being old and dirty inside, are also potentially fire hazards.
If you are approached and feel this is a scam please report it to 101 - the more reports the better.
This is a nationwide problem, so please warn people who you think might be vulnerable to this kind of scam.
Please share!

oh dear there was a guy in our area a few years back who was supposed to deliever for a well know bed company in our small town. But he’d do dirty deals until we reported him to his company.

Whenever he got a delivery of a new bed to the arm base he’d not deliver it and try to sell it off cheap to passerby in the town saying the Soldier who’d ordered it was no longer at the ‘base’ so it was now going cheap.

I knew the number of the bed shop as I’d bought a bed from them. I gave them a ring and later was asked if I’d be willing to come forward to the police as this driver was in effect stealing. Claiming he was delivering beds signing for them on behalf of the customer but selling them for cheap to whoever would buy the bed and pocketing the money. The customer would demand to know why his bed hadn’t been delivered and the driver would say it’s been delivered and signed for.

Seems he’d done it before.

He’d stopped me in the street and had tried to sell me a lovely pine bed so I was a witness to him trying to pull the scam on his employer and his employers customer.

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Thanks for that Sara. The estate where I live has lots of older people who seem to be the main target of scammers these days. These horrible people seem to work areas, i.e. move on when the scam has been sussed. Marg.

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That’s shocking. Whatever next :frowning: thanks for sharing.
I watched a documentary not long ago about household fires and it was frightening to see how quickly a dodgy mattress went up.

I will pass this on


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