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Help! How do you put items on sale in your shop?

Hi there, I’m trying to put my shop items on sale for a few days. Is there a way of doing this on the shop dashboard? I can’t see an option for this. Or has it got to be done individually and manually? Thanks!

Hi, you can either reduce the price of everything with a discount code, or you have to do it individually. You can have a "sale " collection, but make sure you put in your listing what the price used to be so people can see how much they’re saving !..

Hi Christine, thanks for the info. I’ve created a discount code but can’t see how to apply to the entire shop. Can’t see an option for this but it looks like is to be sent to customers individually? But can’t see on the folksy page how to do this either!! Sorry I’m pretty rubbish at tech!

You could announce the sale and add the discount code in a shop announcement. The announcement will appear at the top of your shop under the banner and also on each individual item page.

Go to your dashboard and select shop settings. Down at the bottom is a section “Your shop announcement”. Type all the info about your sale and the discount code in the box and click Update settings. The announcement will appear in your shop.

Thank you Helen!! That’s so very helpful!!

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