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Help required

I am trying to creat a discount or offer to my work. Is there any way of doing by bulk or do need to go into each item individually?
I have created a ‘Discount’ code but it doesn’t appear anywhere on shop or explain what to do with it.
Sorry for sounding dumb but I am not very technically gifted :grin:

With the discount code the buyer would enter the code at check out to reduce the order price. You would need to promote the code via social media and put it in your shop announcement so that buyers know what code to enter to get the discount.
If you want to run a sale where everything is at a reduced price without the need for a code then you need to go into each item and alter the price.

Just to highlight that I don’t think you can link a discount code to an individual item or category items, it would be applicable to anything and everything in your shop - though you could hide some items from sale for the duration of a promotion if you wanted to exclude them.