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Help please! Postage is the bane of my existence!

Hi folks,

Can someone please help me by explaining how to enter postage costs?!?!
I have several items in my shop - some of which are small and light (such as finger puppets or cards) that can be sent as a regular letter, and others which are big and heavy and have to be sent as large letters or small packages. However, if someone purchases 1 coaster it can go as a large letter and if they purchase 2 it becomes a small package so the price is higher.

I don’t want to put people off ordering multiple items because of high postage costs as my shop has hundreds of funny little bits and bobs and I can send unlimited items for £2.75 so long as the total weight doesn’t exceed 2kg - how do I go about giving customers the option to do this?

Any advice gratefully appreciated…

Use your shop announcement to state that they can order as much as they like and never pay more than £2.75 in P&P and if they are charged more than that you will refund the difference via paypal.
How thick are the coasters if 2 bump it up to small package? If you get PIP boxes you would be able to send multiple coasters side by side without them overlapping (I reckon you could fit 6 in a single layer) and they would stay as ‘large letter’ (you can get PIP boxes up to A4 size that are still only 22mm deep so will still go as large letter) you would just need to be careful of the weight as large letter only allows upto 750g.


What i have done on a couple of occasion when someone has ordered more than 1 or 2 items which would take it to a small parcel and not a large letter i have sent them separately which works out a lot cheaper 2 large letters @ 98p rather than a small parcel at £3.40. the pip boxes are brilliant


What is a pip box please

A pip box is a box which is about 22 mm in depth which will fit through a letter box and through royal mails gauge for a large letter at 98p you can get them in different sizes. i use them a lot and you can get them quite cheap on ebay

I’ve just looked up pip boxes. They are a great idea. I find postage costs to be really expensive for small parcels, unfortunately my jewellery boxes are too thick for the pip boxes. sigh I agree with @SashaGarrett, if you use your shop announcement to tell people they wont be charged more than £2.75 it might encourage them to buy more things that had caught their eye

Bekki @bekokodesigns you can get special postal boxes for jewellery, mine are 15mm deep so probably would fit in a pip box but they seem to be robust enough to not need one, I just pop them in a heavy duty envelope or slim jiffy bag. I get mine from international craft but there are probably other suppliers.

I haven’t come across those, I’ll have a look. I usually put my jewellery in little jewellery boxes then package them as small parcels. The problem I have is the depth of the boxes. I’ll have a look at those postal boxes. Thanks Sasha