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Box help please :)


I need to send something very slightly larger than A4 - I’d like to send it in a hard-backed envelope or box that can go as a large letter.

Any suggestions for suppliers would be fab!

Many thanks


Try these?

You do need to buy in bulk for reasonable prices though.

(what a ridiculously long link it is!)

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I ordered a sample pip box off ebay and was disappointed. They send the sample made up, which is an excellent idea as you can see how they travel - it wasn’t bent but was rather battered by the time it arrived through my letter box.

What is it you need to send? I mail my larger artworks sandwiched between the thickest corrugated card that will fit through the slot - although I have to say if it was A4 sized or over I’d be double sandwiching it and sending it as a small parcel instead.

I use these ones for sending large flat fabric things. They’re the maximum size allowed for large letter postage.

I’ve been buying various sized mailing boxes from this company for a while. They have good prices and delivery is speedy! :smile:

That wins my ‘longest link of the month’ award!


Thanks all.

Its a4 prints. I’ll just keep going as I am I think. They get wrapped in tissue paper then bubble wrap then brown paper- they fit as large letters and get there safety.

Thanka good to know for future too :slight_smile: