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Help with choosing a printer

I am just about to buy a new printer for my greetings cards. I just wondered if anyone else has a printer they love or any advice to offer!?

I make greeting cards too and replaced my printer nearly a year ago. I was looking for a rear loading printer and had heard good reviews of the Canon but they dont make rear loading ones now.
So I bought an Epson workforce (wf3620) Its an all in one but I dont use the fax , just the scanner and printer.
It has 2 paper trays . I love how it takes in the card at the rear. ( my last one you had to push it in!)
I use it for up to 255gsm card. I think the ink quality is great too. I print a lot and use a lot of ink so I buy the xl cartridges.
I fancied the epson eco tank using the continuous ink system. Bit more costly but thought it might save me in ink!. But I wasnt confidant it would take card.
Hope that helps

Thanks Diane for your reply. I have had a workforce (WF 3540) and on the whole have been happy with it. My only problem was the print quality deteriated in the last year (but I did have it for nearly 4 years and I am led to believe they on average last only 3!) Since posting I have been in touch with canon and they have a new printer out with a rear feed that takes up to 300gms thickness so I may well go for this.

sorry i meant a wf3620 have edited it!
Let me know how you get on with it if you get one as I am sore on printers! When they play up it stresses me so much! Had a spare older printer
one but the ink had dried up as didnt use it.