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Kodak Printer

I currently have a Hero 3.1 all in one wireless printer. Excellent. Great print quality and colour.
Had it several years now and the paper feed keeps saying NO. Getting so irritating that it has been threatened, several times now, with a trip through the window.
One day soon it really will refuse… and I will be stuck.
It prints my sales paperwork, my postal labels, my price labels, my show inventories and my patterns.

I decided it would be a good idea to source another with a view to getting it in, ready for when my Hero dies. But I can’t find a Kodak printer anywhere.
Does anyone know if they’ve stopped doing them ?

I;'ve had Epsom, Canon and HP. My Kodak wins hands down.

Oh no, that is such a shame. I think Kodak have stopped making printers. We used to have a Kodak but it died so we replaced it with a Canon and we are very impressed with it. Good luck with finding a new one.:grinning:

I had a Kodak and it was the worst printer I’ve had, it needed a new print bed or something technical, which was going to cost almost as much as the whole printer cost new.

I heard they were stopping production too.

I used to spend ages trying to cajole my printer in to co-operation, like you the temptation to chuck it out the window was strong, so I feel your pain. It died suddenly one crucial morning (RIP Billy Printer) so I replaced it with a Canon laser jet. Its been much, much easier to get along with although I won’t make the mistake of buying cheap replacement cartridges again

We had a Kodak & it was a great printer the ink was economical. When it finally went tried finding another but found they were no longer making them :disappointed: We also had trouble finding one that loaded the paper from the top (I use it to print card so needed one that wouldn’t struggle with anything heavier than copier paper) in the end we got a HP Deskjet and (fingers crossed) it’s been great, the ink is more expensive than Kodak but not by much.

Thanks all. I’m going to start googling for a good offer and when I find what I want I will sit it on the floor next to Hero and threaten him :slight_smile:

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I have a fairly new Canon printer after my previous one died. It drives me nuts. Almost every time I click print it spends ages making noises and then comes up with the error ‘load paper in tray’. Well there is already paper in the tray. I take it out, re load, and it comes up with the same error…re load with less paper and it sometimes works, sometimes it needs more paper…it’s a nightmare. If there is more than 1 page to print I often have to re load paper for every sheet. I have tried different papers but it only improves with expensive Conqueror paper, which I cannot afford for everyday use. Avoid the cheaper Canon printers! (this was on offer at £60)

Kim Thank you - that is what my Kodak is doing now but I’ve had it for several years and in its case is just a case of needing a new paper roller feed I think but don’t think I can give it one. I think it was my previous printer, a Canon, which absolutely refused to use Tesco paper which was a pain !

I got an HP Deskjet too- £20 ish -I couldn’t believe it, like you say, inks are fairly reasonable as well.

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Thanks Sarah. I threatened my Kodak with a hammer today - and after cowering for a while it did agree to feed the paper in - for today at least !

That paper in tray error message is ringing bells with me too. It’s odd because a friend has a Kodak printer that’s been excellent, yet my brother and I both had nothing but hassle with ours.

It just had a third refusal and only printed when I told it I was on my way to the shops !

I had a Kodak and the cartridge carrier got jammed. I had product insurance for it so took it back to PC world and they said Kodak had stopped making printers as they had so many faults with them.