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Hi all! I'm a little bit different :s

Hello everyone!

(I hope its ok for me to be here!) My name is Claire and I’m not actually selling any crafting (I love craft, but I’m not very good at doing anything more than once!). But I really wanted to be involved with creative people and crafters and so I have just started my own bookkeeping business, where I really want to work with creative startups. I’m specialising in Cloud Accounting, because with the popularity of Folksy, Etsy etc - cloud accounting software seems to be an ideal way for craft businesses to help with their finances because so much of the software integrates with the online retailers’ systems.

So I’ve set up my website and all the social media - but I’m worried I’m not reaching the right people, and I want to check that I’m offering the kind of stuff that people like yourselves want.

Would it be ok to network here to make sure I’m on the right path and can team up with crafters and craft businesses who need me?

Hi again, all!

Hi Claire
I think the best thing would be to contact Folksy direct themselves and ask about being here. It may be they could ask you to write some articles that would be useful, or take part in a #folksyhour chat. That way people on here could get to know you, your skills you can offer, and you get some exposure.
I have to say as a (very small scale, sometime) crafter, I would not be able to afford anyone to do the book-keeping for me, so I do it myself. Hubby and I have run a business previously so I’m comfortable with that aspect. It would be worth doing some checking on prices/structure that other financial services people offer to see if you’re competitive.

Wishing you the best of luck with your new business.


I would second the view that you need to contact Folksy direct before you advertise to people on here.

Folksy is a marketplace where the individual shops can’t integrate their shops with external software. The Folksy team would be the people to decide whether to change their ecommerce platform code to accommodate an external software provider.

But in the meantime, do have a look at all the lovely shops and buy any of your last minute Christmas gifts from the lovely people here!



Hi Claire. Welcome to the Folksy forums. It sounds like what you’re building could be useful to designers and makers, so if you’d like to use the forums to find out more about crafters’ needs, that’s absolutely fine. Please avoid promoting your website and business though as this is designed as a place for Folksy sellers to talk to each other, share skills, knowledge and interests rather than a place to advertise services. You can read all the guidelines here if that helps

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