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Newbie to Folksy - Calico Skies Intro

(Calico Skies) #1

Hello, I am new to Folksy and joined here hoping to use it as another portal to help sell my bespoke necklaces and earrings. I am totally new to this as I only started officially making my own range in June!
I have a couple of stalls coming up in November, so any advice would be great! Any advice on self promoting would be appreciated and if you could be kind enough to like/follow my social networks that would be fab :smile:

My Folksy shop is:
My Website:

(Joy Salt) #2

Hi and welcome to Folksy, Good luck with your new shop.

2 initial points which jumped out at me.
You need to fill in your Meet the Maker section - never a good idea for a potential customer to be presented with a blank page when they click the button to find out a little about the seller.

The first 2 listings refer to Earrings - but the title and photos are for a Necklace. Didn’t check the 3rd…

Joy xx

(Brenda Cumming) #3

welcome to Folksy

(Calico Skies) #4

Hiya Joy,

thanks so much for your helpful comments! I didn’t realise I had another profile so thank you!
Very fair comment I will make sure I add them now :slight_smile:

Do you have any tips for stalls at all? Do you ever participate in stalls yourself with your works?

(Calico Skies) #5

Thank you :smiley:

(Brenda Cumming) #6

I gave up doing craft fairs five years ago. I used to do at least 2 a month and did that for over 25 years. I loved meeting all the people and it is great fun. However, financially it seems better to me personally to pay 18p to Folksy to show an item to thousands of people, than to pay £25+ to show my paintings to maybe a few people who may decide to attend an event. …no contest for me …no petrol, parking and early mornings.
I do miss all the friends and chatting but I much prefer to sell from the comfort of my own home.

(Calico Skies) #7

Oh really? Wow that long! Yes that makes total sense. I think I want to just do a few if I can before Christmas to try and get my name out a bit and get more followers in the process. Wish me luck :smile:

(Joy Salt) #8


I notice that your pendants are still earrings in the listings. These forums are very friendly, very helpful and you will find that lots of advice is freely given. It is a good idea, re promotion that listings should be reasonably accurate. Yours have had a glaring and confusing error for 3 days which is not good promotion. :wink:


(Calico Skies) #9

Afternoon! All done :slight_smile: been so busy with work I forgot to do so haha! Need to get designing pronto for more products, ready for Christmas! Thanks for the pointers :slight_smile: xxx

(Joy Salt) #10

eer sorry but I don’t see what you’ve done. You still have no ‘Meet the Maker’ details and all three necklaces still refer to Earrings - oh and have an incorrect apostrophe in the word pendants.

eg > Our professionally laser cut pendant’s are secured to hypoallergenic surgical steel
Gold/Silver (what ever you decide to choose). They are safe for sensitive skin and do not tarnish.
They are laser cut using original artwork, these beautiful and light-weight earrings are a wonderful compliment to any attire.

Joy xx

(Calico Skies) #11

Evening Joy! Oh god I totally god my wires crossed! I didn’t realise you were referring to the actual content! I have just taken it now. Thanks so much! I thought on the profile section, the About Us was the Meet the Maker? How do I edit it? Is this not it? Sorry for all the questions! xxx

(Joy Salt) #12

No problem.

In your Shop Dashboard (not here in the Forum) :
Your Profile : Profile Settings
Your Biography

What you type in there is what shows in your Meet the Maker when someone clicks your name.

good luck
Joy xx