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(TowngatePhotography) #1

A quick question really, How would I advertise my high end photography services on Folksy, I firmly believe that high end crafters work hard and for hours on a product and that product should not be let down by a basic photograph or worse still a photograph taken with a phone, a professional photography service shows the product in its best light (no pun intended) enabling the client/customer to see the product at its very best, a professional photo will always sell the product for you.

And with the right photographer it really does not have to cost the earth, I will always try to work within my clients budget and to the highest quality.

(Christine E.) #2

You can’t advertise on Folksy, but you could open a shop under “Supplies, Design services” and put custom listings- e.g. a certain amount of photos for a certain price. Then you could interact on the forums and perhaps pick up some custom that way.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

You could always contact support ( and see if some sort of promotional editorial deal could be struck a discount for folksy sellers or special workshops in exchange for them putting your details in the seller newsletter.

(Marg) #4

I think this is a good idea, I had thought of trying to find a professional photographer in my area who might take shots of my products, so they look better, so I think it might be worth a try.

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(Julie Maginn) #5

Just out of curiosity, how would it work? I mean you have to physically have the item to photograph it and obviously people are spread out all over the country!

(TowngatePhotography) #6

Hi Me-mi-crafts, where is your area, maybe we could do something for you.

(TowngatePhotography) #7

Hi Dewdropscrafts,yes this was one issue i needed to find a solution for, initially i would have to start in the yorkshire area as that is where i am based, but i have looked at national travel but that would affect costs, and i really want to keep the costs down.

(Christine E.) #8

Looks like you’ve found a way of advertising on Folksy… I’m not sure it’s very fair if you don’t even have a shop on here. We all have to pay fees and commission on the things we sell, you should too.

(Rosesworkshop) #9

Yes do please set up a shop - I’m sure photography must count as a “supply or service”. There are many of us really hate spending hours mucking about with photos when we’d much rather be crafting. Just set your prices for local to you, with “custom order” for further afield. Folksy deserve their percentage, it’s not much really :smile:

(TowngatePhotography) #10

Apologies Christine, I purely was just asking for advice, I will take a look at the fees & commisons, I really wanted to keep costs at a minimum as I doubt there is a huge profit in crafts, so crafters wont want to spend all the profits on photography no matter how beautiful the photos are.