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Homepage Themes for February 2021 - find the list of tags here

Hi everyone. Here are the Homepage themes for February. Thanks for all your suggestions! We’ve tried really hard to make sure there is something for everyone - hopefully we’ve succeeded.

To be included in the Theme of the Day:

  • Add the tag exactly as listed below to any items in your Folksy shop that fit the theme (you can separate tags with commas and they don’t need the # symbol).

  • The tags aren’t case sensitive, so it doesn’t matter if you use capital letters or lower case, but the actual words will need to match the tags given here - eg singular rather than plural, same spellings.

  • All items with the correct tag will be included in the Theme of the Day on Folksy.

  • The homepage shows a random selection of items from the them and this selection changes each time the page is refreshed or viewed.

  • If you click the ‘see more’ button on the Theme of the Day section on the homepage you’ll see all the items in the theme.

  • Please do make sure you only tag relevant items, otherwise the theme doesn’t work and is confusing for customers. (We understand that sometimes items are accidentally tagged incorrectly or tags are copied across from other listings, but if a shop repeatedly tags irrelevant items or we feel that they are intentionally abusing the feature, we may have to exclude them from that month’s theme and following months too :frowning:)

Day Theme Tag for sellers
Mon 1 Feb Love Hearts heart
Tue 2 Feb Literary literary
Wed 3 Feb Graphic graphic
Thu 4 Feb Engagement Rings engagement ring
Fri 5 Feb Blush Pink blush pink
Sat 6 Feb Valentine’s Day Cards valentine’s day card
Sun 7 Feb Amethyst amethyst
Mon 8 Feb Well-being self care
Tue 9 Feb Feeling Romantic romantic
Wed 10 Feb FABruary fabric
Thu 11 Feb International Day of Women and Girls in Science science
Fri 12 Feb Year of the Metal Ox metalwork
Sat 13 Feb Trinket Dishes trinket dish
Sun 14 Feb Love Birds love bird
Mon 15 Feb Wash Day laundry
Tue 16 Feb Daffodils daffodil
Wed 17 Feb Random Acts of Kindness Day kindness
Thu 18 Feb Transparent transparent
Fri 19 Feb Pisces pisces
Sat 20 Feb Vegetables vegetables
Sun 21 Feb Pale Green pale green
Mon 22 Feb Tweed tweed
Tue 23 Feb Mother’s Day Gifts mothers day gift
Wed 24 Feb The Vintage Home vintage home
Thu 25 Feb Outdoors outdoors
Fri 26 Feb Blossom blossom
Sat 27 Feb Polar Bear Day polar bear
Sun 28 Feb Clouds cloud


Some great themes here - I particularly like the science one & what it represents. :smiley:

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