Homepage themes for January 2023 - find the full list here

We hope you all had (and are still having!) a wonderful Christmas break. Here are the homepage themes and tags for January 2023. You can also find them on your Seller Dashboard, along with instructions on how they themes work. Thank you, as always, for all your suggestions.

Day Theme Tag for sellers
Sun 1 Jan A New Year Dawns dawn
Mon 2 Jan Hopes and Dreams for 2023 hope
Tue 3 Jan Veganuary vegan
Wed 4 Jan Thank You Cards thank you card
Thu 5 Jan Yoga yoga
Fri 6 Jan Colour of 2023 - Viva Magenta magenta
Sat 7 Jan Candle Holder candle holder
Sun 8 Jan Slippers slippers
Mon 9 Jan Garnet garnet
Tue 10 Jan Silhouettes silhouette
Wed 11 Jan Tiles tiles
Thu 12 Jan Felt Art felt art
Fri 13 Jan Snowdrops snowdrops
Sat 14 Jan Valentine Gift Ideas valentine gift
Sun 15 Jan My Favourite Piece tag one thing only Jan 23
Mon 16 Jan Blue Monday self care
Tue 17 Jan Papercraft papercraft
Wed 18 Jan Natural Skincare natural skincare
Thu 19 Jan Clouds clouds
Fri 20 Jan Grey Green grey green
Sat 21 Jan Squirrel Appreciation Day squirrel
Sun 22 Jan Year of the Rabbit rabbit
Mon 23 Jan Aquarius aquarius
Tue 24 Jan Lost Wax Technique lost wax
Wed 25 Jan Burns Night burns night
Thu 26 Jan For the Bathroom bathroom
Fri 27 Jan Ink ink
Sat 28 Jan Valentine Cards valentine card
Sun 29 Jan Jigsaws jigsaw
Mon 30 Jan Knitted Socks knitted socks
Tue 31 Jan Feed the Birds bird feeder


@folksycontent Hope the Folksy team is having a relaxing time (!). Just a minor query… Is the Fri 6th Jan theme actually Colour of 2022, or should it be Colour of 2023? Thanks.

I’ve just googled it, and it comes up as Colour of 2023.

You’re totally right, it should be 2023. Sorry about that! We’ve changed it now. Thanks for spotting it!