Themes of the Day for January 2022 - find the list here

Here are the homepage themes for January 2022.

To be included in the theme of the day:

• Check if you have any listings that fit with our themes

• Add the tag below to your relevant listings on Folksy (don’t use a # symbol).

• Tags are not case sensitive but you need to make sure you use the exact tag given here.

• Use commas to separate your tags.

• For the ‘My Favourite Piece’ theme, choose your favourite piece on Folksy this month and add the ‘tag one thing only January’ to that listing. Only tag one of your items!

Please only tag relevant items. If people tag irrelevant items, they may be blocked from appearing in the Theme of the Day.

You can also find the themes and tags on your seller dashboard.

Day Theme Tag for sellers
Sat 1 Jan Ring in the New Year ring
Sun 2 Jan Very-Peri - Colour of 2022 violet
Mon 3 Jan Tutorials tutorial
Tue 4 Jan Thank You Cards thank you card
Wed 5 Jan Garnet garnet
Thu 6 Jan Feed the Birds bird feeder
Fri 7 Jan Snowdrops snowdrop
Sat 8 Jan Veganuary vegan
Sun 9 Jan Slippers slippers
Mon 10 Jan Houseplant Week houseplant
Tue 11 Jan Oval oval
Wed 12 Jan Cross Stitch cross stitch
Thu 13 Jan Bubbles bubbles
Fri 14 Jan Enamelled enamel
Sat 15 Jan My Favourite Piece tag one thing only January
Sun 16 Jan Mittens mittens
Mon 17 Jan Blue Monday self care
Tue 18 Jan Incense incense
Wed 19 Jan Matt Finish matt
Thu 20 Jan Reclaimed Wood reclaimed wood
Fri 21 Jan Deep Inky Blue deep blue
Sat 22 Jan Hand Carved hand carved
Sun 23 Jan Valentine Gift Ideas valentine gift
Mon 24 Jan Glass Jewellery glass jewellery
Tue 25 Jan Pewter pewter
Wed 26 Jan Made With Yarn yarn
Thu 27 Jan Handmade Bowls bowl
Fri 28 Jan Stargazing stargazing
Sat 29 Jan Valentine Cards valentine card
Sun 30 Jan Crocus crocus
Mon 31 Jan Quilts quilt


hi and winter wishes to you all .I have been on folksy quite a few years and never mastered the forums or themes, so making lots more effort to get involved, starting with tagging my Folsky themes . I paint small paintings hopefully beautiful on reclaimed wood so my tags are snowdrops and reclaimed wood for January .Hope I’m doing this right?
Happy crafting


Nice meeting you. I am also painting. I have several small ACEO paintings and further numerous A4 size artworks.

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@BodkinCreates The theme is snowdrops, but the tag word is “snowdrop”, so make sure you have the singular in your tags for your snowdrop paintings.

Other tags you could use in January - you can put “tag one thing only January” on one of your items (whichever you particularly love this month). As you have some knitted items, you should be able to use the “yarn” tag, and you can use the “houseplant” tag on your houseplant still life.

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Kim is correct, @BodkinCreates the tags must be exactly correct as written on the list, or they won’t appear…you could also select something from your shop and tag it tag one thing only januarty (makes sure January has a small j)

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…that will be “tag one thing only january”
It doesn’t matter whether you use a J or a j - but best to leave out the t :laughing:

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I just want to say that I love the tutorial theme for today! It’s not only refreshing to have something I can include in a list, but also nice to see a smaller selection of items, not dominated by jewellery (sorry jewellery makers…I love you but it’s really hard to be seen amongst you other days!)

2022 is going to see me joining in with all the tagging, themes, Pinterest link and visiting the forum much more. I am hoping to focus on these first thing in the day. Otherwise my time seems to run away from me and I don’t even get new creations made. I think a creation of a new calendar page on my own one should help me pick out the notifications easier amongst all the personal ones.


Thanks for taking time to.comment finly worked out how to rely xx

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Thank you sorry took so long to reply

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