Homepage Themes for November 2022 - find the list here

Here are the homepage themes and tags for November 2022. Thank you for all your suggestions!

You can also find them on your seller dashboard with instructions on how the Theme of the Day works. Please remember to only tag one thing for the ‘My Favourite Piece’ theme :slight_smile:

Day Theme Tag for sellers
Tue 1 Nov Scarves scarf
Wed 2 Nov Personalised Christmas Decorations personalised christmas decoration
Thu 3 Nov Gift Sets gift set
Fri 4 Nov Teal teal
Sat 5 Nov Bonfire Night fireworks
Sun 6 Nov Presents for Animal Lovers animal lover
Mon 7 Nov Advent Calendars advent calendar
Tue 8 Nov Holographic holographic
Wed 9 Nov Christmas Cards christmas card
Thu 10 Nov Wonderful Wreaths wreath
Fri 11 Nov Country Living country living
Sat 12 Nov Eco-friendly Christmas eco christmas
Sun 13 Nov Remembrance Day poppies
Mon 14 Nov Winter Woodland winter woodland
Tue 15 Nov My Favourite Piece tag one thing only Nov 22
Wed 16 Nov Secret Santa Ideas secret santa
Thu 17 Nov Sculpted sculpture
Fri 18 Nov Gifts for Nature Lovers gift for nature lover
Sat 19 Nov Stars stars
Sun 20 Nov Personalised Cards personalised card
Mon 21 Nov Mosaic mosaic
Tue 22 Nov Quirky Gifts quirky
Wed 23 Nov Enamelled enamel
Thu 24 Nov Mittens mittens
Fri 25 Nov Christmas Table christmas table
Sat 26 Nov Gifts for Men gifts for men
Sun 27 Nov Gifts for Friends gift for friend
Mon 28 Nov Heirloom Gifts heirloom gift
Tue 29 Nov Stocking Fillers stocking filler
Wed 30 Nov Gifts Under £15 gifts under £15


If I’ve already used teal as one of the colour tags do I need to go back and add teal as one of the main tags or will the system pick it up?

The system should pick that up @SashaGarrett.
You can check by going to this page and checking if it’s there - Tagged items: teal on Folksy

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For the ‘Gifts Under £15’ them on 30th November, you’ll need to add the tag on desktop or mobile as the app restricts special characters, sorry! So just add the tag ‘gifts under £15’ as normal to your listings - but not on the seller app.

Oops, I just typed ‘gift for mature lover’ for the tag on 18th! Going to double check them all now…


I bet that would bring up some interesting results! :grinning::wink: xx

Oo that’s a thought: does folksy allow NSFW products? :rofl: