Homepage themes for March 2023 - find the list here

Here are the Homepage Themes for March 2023. You can also find them on your seller dashboard. Remember to add the tag exactly as written below on any of your items that fit the themes, and only tag relevant items please :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thanks again for all your suggestions. We hope there’s something for everyone in this list.

Date Theme Tag for sellers
Wed 1 Mar St David’s Day wales
Thu 2 Mar Gifts for Mums gifts for mum
Fri 3 Mar Spring Flowers spring flowers
Sat 4 Mar Pisces pisces
Sun 5 Mar Mother’s Day Cards mothers day card
Mon 6 Mar Letterpress letterpress
Tue 7 Mar Weaving weaving
Wed 8 Mar International Women’s Day feminist
Thu 9 Mar Mini Masterpieces miniature art
Fri 10 Mar 24 Carat Gold 24ct gold
Sat 11 Mar Mother’s Day Gift Ideas mothers day gift
Sun 12 Mar Floral Prints floral print
Mon 13 Mar Mother’s Day This Weekend mothers day
Tue 14 Mar Nests nest
Wed 15 Mar My Favourite Piece tag one thing only March 23
Thu 16 Mar Sequins sequins
Fri 17 Mar St Patrick’s Day irish
Sat 18 Mar Hand Embroidery hand embroidery
Sun 19 Mar Handmade Bowls handmade bowl
Mon 20 Mar Easter’s Coming - Let’s Decorate easter decoration
Tue 21 Mar Kitchen Art kitchen art
Wed 22 Mar Marbling marbling
Thu 23 Mar Tooth Fairy tooth fairy
Fri 24 Mar Crackle crackle
Sat 25 Mar Easter’s Coming - Send a Card easter card
Sun 26 Mar Clocks Go Forward clock
Mon 27 Mar Embossed embossed
Tue 28 Mar Solid Wood solid wood
Wed 29 Mar Oval oval
Thu 30 Mar Easter’s Coming - Find a Gift easter gift
Fri 31 Mar Wavy wavy


Oooh hand embroidery…thank you

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Do you still make the Instagram friendly versions of these? Haven’t seen one for a bit and wanted to share with our region

Is something the matter with today’s Theme of the Day (Weaving), or is it just that nobody has used that tag?

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Hi @LizzieMade Several of us have used it but it’s not showing up for some reason :sob: :sob:

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There’s a post in the Folksy Issues thread, that I added. I’ve also flagged it on Facebook and just messaged the Instagram FolksyHQ account. I wonder what’s happened to admin today…

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I have also flagged this on a report to Folksy Support. No reply yet though.

@dougfolksy @folksycontent

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Thank you Lizzie :hugs:

Please @folksycontent @folksy @dougfolksy will you include this tag again in next month themes?! :hugs::pray:t2::hugs:


Yes, I was going to suggest that too - it seems fair really.