Homepage Themes for April 2023 - find the list here

Here are the Homepage Themes for April 2023. Thanks again for all your suggestions. A few things to note:

  1. We’ve shortened the tag for My Favourite Piece to make more room for other tags on your products but, as always, please ONLY TAG ONE item in your shop.
  2. We’re going to a focus on one region each month as suggested by @JudyAdams. This month, it’s the Midlands, so if you’re based in the Midlands, tag up to FIVE of your items. This will help give everyone in the region a chance of being seen.
  3. As requested, we’ve included ‘Weaving’ again as it didn’t work properly in March @LakelandLoom.
Date Theme Tag for sellers
Sat 1 Apr Easter Ideas easter
Sun 2 Apr Bunnies! bunnies
Mon 3 Apr Easter Egg Hunt easter egg
Tue 4 Apr Tulips tulip
Wed 5 Apr Diamonds Are For April diamond
Thu 6 Apr Garden Sculptures garden sculpture
Fri 7 Apr Blossom Pink pale pink
Sat 8 Apr Affordable Art affordable art
Sun 9 Apr Spring Decor spring decor
Mon 10 Apr Papercraft papercraft
Tue 11 Apr Photography photography
Wed 12 Apr Zero Waste zero waste
Thu 13 Apr Seeds & Plants seeds
Fri 14 Apr Weaving weaving
Sat 15 Apr My Favourite Piece tag 1 apr 23
Sun 16 Apr Rainbows & Showers rainbow
Mon 17 Apr Baby Animals baby animal
Tue 18 Apr Hammered hammered
Wed 19 Apr Sycamore sycamore
Thu 20 Apr Coronation coronation
Fri 21 Apr Spring Green spring green
Sat 22 Apr Earth Day nature
Sun 23 Apr Shakespeare’s Birthday shakespeare
Mon 24 Apr Wedding Jewellery wedding jewellery
Tue 25 Apr Gingham gingham
Wed 26 Apr Made in the Midlands midlands
Thu 27 Apr Planters planter
Fri 28 Apr Folk Art folk art
Sat 29 Apr Cross Stitch cross stitch
Sun 30 Apr Fabulous Furniture furniture


Many thanks for that @folksycontent :grinning: Much appreciated :hugs:

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I like the regional idea very much (especially as “Midlands” is first :blush:) , let’s hope everyone will remember the five item limit. Glad the weavers are having another shot this month too! There’s lots I like about this list, thank you Folksy.


Thanks for the list. Hope the regions/counties works for all of us!

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I think the regions thing sounds fun! :partying_face:

Yay, the favourite piece tag is shorter - thank you!! :kissing_heart:

The My Favourite Piece tag is listed wrongly as “tag, 1, apr, 23” on the list I clicked on from my account page. Took me a while to realise it wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t get past ‘tag’, but was due to the comma!

Ahh, good spot. I’m not quite sure why it was showing up like that on your dashboard but it should be fixed now.

Thanks Camilla, it’s ok now :+1:

Puzzled. Saw made in the Midlands theme so tagged a little selection using capitalised Midlands as shown when I hit see more. Mine did not then appear. Count of 162 unchanged. Checked here and it said tag up to 5 so I removed the extra couple. Still not there and still 162. Checked the feature, some shops have more than 5 so not the cause. Checked others tags. Not capitalised. Changed mine to midlands. Still not there and still 162 .
@folksycontent where are my midlands tagged pieces please … Just wasted half an hour of my life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

PS just to be sure I am now on my pc not my phone and still only 162 there and none of mine

How disappointing to see sellers exceeding the requested number of items - 5. I have counted four of mine, and thought I’d tagged the requested five, but I’ll go and have a double check on my tags. Just double checked and one of my tagged items has been sold, so I’ve added a replacement to get my full quota, though with so much overtagging I doubt it will do much good. @JOYSofGLASS I didn’t see any of yours Joy.

@JOYSofGLASS I wondered whether the search engine is picking up shops who have the word ‘midlands’ in their banner, and showing the whole shop’s items?

I wondered too but then saw the bit in the original post about tagging 5. I may have more than 5 tagged now but until they appear I can’t untag down to 5 as cant remember which I did. :slight_smile:

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As I’m the person who suggested this idea in the first place, I’m beginning to regret it!

It’s gone up to 163 so that must be your replacement. That means it is responding to tagging but Not to Mine
@folksycontent Help

There’s 200 now and I’m still not appearing. Staffordshire is in the Midlands. I live in Staffordshire. My glass pieces are all made in Staffordshire and several are tagged with midlands …none of my pieces are showing
Why ?

This one I just tagged with both Midlands and midlands…

Inexplica*****ble… That has just appeared. Ok will try double tagging a few more…

Update I now have 5 pieces.showing… all those tagged since the crown above. It seems that those I tagged at 10am via my phone are for some reason ignored.
eg Butterfly Framed Stained Glass Suncatcher Red W... - Folksy
Coronation Union Jack Fused Glass Coasters Set ... - Folksy
Pink Flower Stained Glass Suncatcher Green Bright - Folksy

Note the first two have midlands, the third has Midlands…

I’m glad you have a result!

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I was really disappointed too! I think one seller has a shop full. I could understand if someone already uses the tag made in the midlands or an odd miscount, I was hoping more would get involved to show a variety.

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I thought it was a good idea :yellow_heart: