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Homepage themes for December 2021 - find them here

Here are the homepage themes for December. Thank you for all your suggestions! You might spot that the theme for 1st December is ‘Handmade Gift’ - this is to give everyone a chance to appear on the homepage during the Christmas shopping season!

Please make sure you only tag relevant items and that you only tag ONE item as your favourite piece on 15 December - otherwise you may be banned from featuring in future themes :frowning: If you do see someone abusing the system by mistagging items please use the ‘Report’ button to flag it to our team.

Day Theme Tag for sellers
Wed 1 Dec Handmade Gifts handmade gift
Thu 2 Dec Original Art original art
Fri 3 Dec Gifts for Teachers gifts for teachers
Sat 4 Dec Tree Decorations tree decoration
Sun 5 Dec Sustainable Gifts sustainable
Mon 6 Dec One of a Kind one of a kind
Tue 7 Dec Colourful Christmas colourful christmas
Wed 8 Dec Let It Snow snow
Thu 9 Dec Mistletoe mistletoe
Fri 10 Dec Evergreen evergreen
Sat 11 Dec Robins robin
Sun 12 Dec Santa’s Coming! santa
Mon 13 Dec Stocking Fillers stocking fillers
Tue 14 Dec Pet Presents pet
Wed 15 Dec My Favourite Piece tag one thing only December
Thu 16 Dec 2022 Calendars & Diaries 2022
Fri 17 Dec Shoutout for Sprouts sprouts
Sat 18 Dec Party Jewellery party jewellery
Sun 19 Dec Last-minute gifts last minute gift
Mon 20 Dec Holly holly
Tue 21 Dec Winter Solstice winter solstice
Wed 22 Dec Snowmen snowmen
Thu 23 Dec Frost frost
Fri 24 Dec Christmas Puddings christmas pudding
Sat 25 Dec Merry Christmas christmas tree
Sun 26 Dec Get Cosy cosy
Mon 27 Dec Journals journal
Tue 28 Dec Winter Landscapes winter landscape
Wed 29 Dec Hibernate hibernate
Thu 30 Dec Snuggly Socks socks
Fri 31 Dec Sparkle sparkle


I don’t suppose there’s a bulk edit feature to allow me to change all my “stocking filler” tags to “stocking fillers”? :thinking:

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I notice on a lot of the tags there is an underscore…do we have to use that or is a space ok?

Underscores… that’s new! :thinking:

And yes, a bulk edit for this kind of thing would be brilliant (I spent 3 days earlier this month adding ‘gifts under £20’ to most of my shop :crazy_face:)

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Is there a limit to the number of pieces we can tag as one_of_a _kind or handmade_gift? I suspect for many of us that is most of our stock.



Sorry! My mistake!!! I’m so tired!

Ignore the underscores - that’s just what I have to add to our system (to represent the blank space). The tags should be right now @PhotoFairytales @KirstyMacdonaldQuilts


Thanks Camilla! :+1:

Ha ha…I just spent over an hour tagging over 400 items with the tag “original art” for December 2nd…sigh…all done now…x

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over 400 of my art is now tagged with Original art…lol

thank you Camilla x

Just wondering whether there should be some sort of maximum no of items for each seller? If everyone who sells art here had tagged even say 50 items, that’s pages and pages of things for buyers to look through and they won’t get past the first few anyway. If Brenda had only needed to tag, say 25 of her items (because no more than that would be shown for each seller anyway) that would save her a lot of time too!


I completely agree Helen and I felt that Ihad to tag all of them because I wouldn’t know which ones to choose…lol xx


I’m just thinking for next year most of these items would have been better being in the second half of the November list so that people had time to buy them for Christmas?

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