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House keeping

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1

Doing a bit of Folksy Housework and have a question for you all…
Over the years we have all ‘favourited’ loads of each others work, of which most gets sold. When one looks through ones favourites and sees the Sold Out sign across the image, its a reassuring sign, that all’s well and healthy here at Folksy, BUT and here’s the question…for you all and @folksycontent
I know you can, but is it ethical to tidy up ones favourites by ‘unloving’ the items that have Sold Out?
Suzzie x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I have no problem with doing that but I am a cruel and heartless b*tch at times.

(Heidi Meier) #3

Makes sense - although does the number of times an item is favourited affect a shop’s search ranking @folksycontent? And therefore would a lot of unfavourites impact anything??

(Sue) #4

I was only thinking last night, I wonder how many of the items listed in a year on Folksy actually get sold? It would be an interesting fact I think. Although, I remove items that I sell at fairs, that amounts to quite a lot for me, I only do one offs, so if it sells, it goes.

(Emma Rogerson) #5

I’m afraid I unfavourite without thinking! I just don’t want to come back to buy something that has sold - it’s too disappointing! But I mostly use those little hearts for things i genuinely may like to buy someday rather than to promote other’s shops specifically. I’d never considered if it affected the sellers search ranking.

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(Suzzie Godfrey) #6

I never thought about it affecting a search ranking, more how a person would feel when something was unloved. Do you get notification that something has been unloved, like you do if they have?
but then again if it has sold, then it was obviously loved by the new owner!
Suzzie x

(Camilla) #7

How many times an item has been favourited doesn’t affect its ranking in search Suzzie and @Textiletreasure and sellers don’t get a notification that their item has been ‘unfavourited’ - that’s an awful word, sorry.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #8

Thanks for the definitive on that Camilla.
Rightyhoo, best get on with supper, then I can sit down and do some house keeping/ work.
Suzzie x

(Julia K Walton) #9

One reason that I don’t ‘unfavourite’ items is that I sometimes go back and check the rest of the stock’s shop to see if they’ve made something similar in a different listing.

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(Camilla) #10

You probably all already know this, but if you favourite a shop, then you can see all their new listings in this bit of your favourites page.

That’s one of my favourite views on Folksy :blush:

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(Suzzie Godfrey) #11

yep, totally agree, when someone favourites your whole shop, you kinda know they must like just more than one item, and so it confirms that you are doing something right! I take a shop favourite as worth more than an item love. But to be honest I like both!! Is that greedy?
Suzzie x

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