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How do you get your item in the Folksy Gift Guide?

Hi All - sorry if this is a duplicate question but… I’ve seen on the folksy home page gift ideas and I am interested in the Animal lovers, Cat lovers, Dog lovers but how do I get my Item listed there? If you know could you reply please?
Thank you - Catherine :smiley_cat:

You can suggest your items to Camilla: @folksycontent , or you can add them to one of the various Gift Guide threads on the forum .

Thank you Helen :smiley_cat:

there are some threads on the forum set up by the folksy people where you can suggest your items - doesn’t mean that you will included but at least your item will be looked at and considered. They have certain things that they are looking for details can be found here a lot of it comes down to your photos fitting with the image that folksy wants to project - have a look at the gift guides you are interested in being in and ask yourself ‘would my photos fit in along side these items and create a cohesive look?’ That’s what I did and occasionally I get it right and get into a gift guide.


Thanks Sasha :smiley_cat: