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(Littlelinsy) #1

Hello everyone , I am new here how do I get my products on to the Pet Lovers section or do folksy staff pick them? Any advice most welcome.Thank you

(Liz Dyson) #2

Hi, Lindsey, if you are meaning the gift guides then Folksy pick the content and never having been featured in a gift guide, I have no idea how to get picked, though someone will come on and give you the link to the blog post, I’m sure.

(Littlelinsy) #3

okay thank you Liz

(Julia Walton) #4

Here’s the Folksy blurb on getting picked for the FP and Gift Guides etc:-

I think it boils down to good products, good photos and good keywords (eg Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc whatever they happen to be searching for at the time.)

Julia :slight_smile:

(Littlelinsy) #5

Brilliant Julia ,thanks for the link :blush: