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How do you link your shop item pages in your answer?

Continuing the discussion from Mothers Day:

I am just wondering how people put that grey box on their reply’s which shows one of their products and when you click on it it takes you to their shop. Can anyone tell me how?

Hiya - do you mean like the lovely collage you added on the Mother’s Day discussion, but you’d like it to click through to your shop?

OK. Click “reply”, click the little picture symbol for add an image. Click the “from the web” button on the left of this box. Click “show more”, bottom right corner and you’ll get two sections for links. Your top link is for the image and I’m guessing you know how to do that (open another tab and load up your Folksy shop item, put mouse onto your photo and right click, select “copy image URL” and then paste into the top link in your discussion reply box). The bottom link is for your shop link. Return to your other Folksy tab and highlight the link for the item page in your shop - return and add this to the discussion reply. Hey presto!

If you’re hoping to link to your shop direct from an image away from your shop, really wouldn’t know how to do that as selecting “from a device” only gives you one option.


Just type in the link to your item, only put it on a new line (ie not all in the line like I just did here) and press return after it … Which is what I think you must have done in your post, because it looks fine to me and if I click on the item title, it takes me to your shop!

Thanks I’ll give it a go!

It worked, fantastic, thanks folks! :stuck_out_tongue: