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How I learnt and loved to sew

(BellasSewingRoom) #1

Hi. my real love for sewing started out when we purchased our first home about 25 years ago. To save money I started to make curtains, cushions and all kinds of soft furnishings. What became a necessity quickly turned into a full blown hobby. I’ve recently opened up a folksy shop, Bellas sewing room, which is named after my cockapoo puppy who sleeps on my feet as I sew. the discussion from How did you learn your craft?:

(Marg) #2

As many of my age group, I learnt to sew from my grandmother and mother. Being able to sew seams of our clothing in the beginning. I had 3 sisters, so the sewing machine was always evident. My mother worked for a tailor in Leeds, and she could cut out dresses without patterns and they were really beautiful and different. So with this background it was evident that I would sew, I am the only one of the 4 girls who has taken to it.

I will sew every day if possible. I have just started learning quilting, which has enabled me to use up some of my fabric pieces. I have already made two lap quilts, a quilt for my niece’s son and now I have a commission to make another football themed one. I never get bored, but woulld love to sell more on here, but I will try other avenues later on this year.

(Karen Nelson) #3

I also learnt to sew from my gran. I started doing dolls clothes and then made my own clothes. I now adapt patterns and if I buy from a shop I alter and amend to my own design. I have recently been lucky enough to inherit my gran’s Jones sewing machine which I currently having renovated. All of it still works but once it is finished, I shall just keep as furniture memento, of wonderful times sat with my gran.