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How to you add a link to your blog please?

I am not really very savvy and I am struggling to work out how to add a link to Wordpress to my folksy shop…is this allowed? Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction, preferably step by step :slight_smile: Thanks

It is allowed (indeed encouraged) so here are your step by step instructions:

  1. go to your dashboard
  2. look down the left hand side you will see ‘shop settings’ in big black letters
  3. under that in smaller blue letters is ‘shop appearance’ click on this
  4. scroll down the page that appears, at the bottom you will see ‘social’ in big black letters and under that a bunch of boxes you can copy and paste your blog and social media links into (blog is the top one)
  5. open up your blog, highlight the url/ web address and copy it (I go with left click to highlight and then right click to bring up the options then select copy)
  6. paste the web address into the ‘blog’ box we found in step 4 (probably best to delete anything already in the box).
  7. click on the green ‘update appearance’ button at the bottom of the ‘shop appearance’ page to save the changes.
  8. write a blog post about how nice the people on folksy are
    OK you can skip the last step but hopefully the preceeding ones will help you out
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Thanks so much, I have faffing for ages trying to do this :slight_smile: