Folksy Ltd

Up to 50% off Sale - early Xmas bargains!

Hi guys I just wanted to let you know that I’m having a massive sale at the moment up to 50% off and postage for additional items reduced to £1.

I’m also trying to figure out how to add a newly created blog to my folksy shop does anyone have any idea?

At the moment the only way I can can figure out how to add it is to add it to my linktree link here

Whilst I have a think about whether I have any space left to put a bowl… if you go to ‘shop appearance’ on the dashboard (its under ‘shop settings’ on the left hand side) and then scroll down the page about half way to the ‘social’ section there is a space to put your blog url. I’d remove the linktree link that it currently directs people to and just put the blog url in there - you’ve already got the links to your FB and IG at the bottom of your folksy shop so people don’t really need to go to the linktree page to get those and its just adding in an extra click for people.

Oh, that is so helpful thank you I’ll certainly do what you suggested​:grin::+1::grin: