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(Johanna Makinen) #122

I have ordered these, to be painted to look like my brother & sister-in-law’s two rescue dogs. I can’t wait to see them!

(Helen Healey) #123

I recently bought this lovely notebook from @AileenClarkeCrafts I’m going to use it to keep notes and diagrams of all my designs - measurements, seam allowances etc. With its lined and plain pages it’ll be perfect… and has a gorgeous design on the front.

(Aileen Clarke) #124

Thank you very much for the mention Helen :grinning: I’ve sold out of that design now but have others. Must get more of that one in though as it was popular.
I also like to sketch and plan using one of these notebooks. The alternating plain and ruled pages make it very versatile.

(Helen Clifford) #125

I’m doing all my Christmas shopping here.
This gorgeous trinket box is from @coatimundi

(Lynn Britton) #126

Just received this today from Aileen @AileenClarkeCrafts, it’s gorgeous.

(Helen Clifford) #127

The perfect present for a tea-lover from

(Susan Bonnar) #128


Just bought this super cute card for my Daughter’s cat loving teacher from @jessamyelvira so cute!


Have bought a tree bauble from the lovely @SarahDesignsUK
Hubby will love the card above as we have taken on a 7yr old rescue cat who has had a rough life.
Bought cards from @TickleandThread, have moving family plus grandchildren Chistmas cards
More soaps from
A beatiful bowl from @SoSewMegan for a friends 60th birthday
And lovely labels from @LuckyBird as stocking fillers

(Julia K Walton) #130

These two beautiful items from Chris at Just to say

And these three very pretty stationery items from Victoria Snape

Both sets of items came beautifully presented and were quickly delivered - many thanks to both sellers, who both come highly recommended :smiley:

(Lynn Britton) #131

Just purchased this gorgeous Christmas wreath from Bex @Botanical Tales

Can’t wait for it to arrive… :grinning:


This is a cutom made card by the wonderful @TickleandThread

(Anna Lisa Walker) #133

Just bought this print for my partner who’s a big fan, think they’re so clever (other versions available)

(Julia K Walton) #134

This gorgeous, hand carved wooden bowl, being sent directly to our friends in the US. I know they will love it as they are very keen on handmade pieces…

(Ali Dufty) #135

Bought these this week for one of daughters Christmas presents :)…
From Sharon Schofield Jewellery

(Thimbleville Helen Sinden Creations) #136

I bought some fab stocking fillers, love these!

(Tina Martin) #137

I bought this cute bunny pin badge;

and these lovely biscuit pegs;

(Johanna Makinen) #138

I just bought these for my new house

(Lynn Britton) #139

I’ve bought these from Laura @moganddogsquad Sarah @Sarah Boddy and Karen @Funkyzebra

(moganddogsquad) #140

I can’t say what exactly because my lovely wife might see it but i’ve just bought something from this week’s featured shop :smiley:

(Aileen Clarke) #141

Thank you very much Lynn :slight_smile: That’s me sold out of them! Waiting to get 6 back from a stockist.