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Morning, new to folksy

(Grenla) #1

Hi everyone

My name is Aimee, I run ‘grenla makes’

It is one year old today :slight_smile: I have an etsy shop and have been really pushing that and my designs the last month. I opened folksy shop a while back but now ready to upload my more contemporary craft pieces. I’m hoping it will be a good platform to build up my XStitch pieces. They seem to get a bit lost on etsy. I feel proud of these pieces most and love designing and making them.

Any one got any tips for a newbie, how to work both etsy and folksy?

Thank, Aimee

(Christine Shephard) #2

Hi Aimee, and welcome to Folksy. Can I start by saying it’s probably not a good idea to have a link in your opening post or anywhere on here to your etsy shop, as Folksy don’t take kindly to it.

A lot of sellers have shops on both sites, it’s hard to promote on both, most people tend to favour one or the other and then wonder why most of their sales come from there while the other one struggles a bit. I have all my network links back to my Folksy shop and get quite a few views that way, but my Etsy shop struggles because of it. Find what works for you - it won’t be the same for everyone - and good luck with it.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Hi Aimee, I have to agree with Christine, it’s frowned on by admin to put links to other shops here on folksy.

Having said that, I like the brooch you’ve listed, but it doesn’t say how big the brooch is. I’ve been caught out a couple of times buying items that are very small when they arrive, because the seller has used macro photography to make the items look a lot larger, so I won’t now buy anything that doesn’t specify the size as I don’t want to get caught out again! Good luck!

(Grenla) #4

hi both

thank you so much for your replys. oops, sorry I didn’t mean to offend anyone with the link. I guess it was more so you could see what I do. I think folksy will be more about nurturing my x-stitch work.
I think i have been doing as you say, putting energy into the etsy shop. But if i’m honest I feel that my more arty/crafts work gets diluted on there. Hoping this will be a better home for it.
Yes, I will put dimensions. They are important. That listing was my test one. Will be updating later more info and other items.

(Karen Ellam) #5

Hi Aimee

I love your brooch. Looks great :grinning:

All the best with your Folksy shop :blush:

Karen :hibiscus:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Hi Amiee

Firstly welcome and good luck with your new folksy shop.

You need to edit your first post to remove the Etsy link.

You also need to edit your listing as it has at least three spelling/typing errors. I’m just as bad I’m constantly editing my post due to spelling/typing errors and grammar. It helps if you first type your descriptions in word document and use a spelling and grammar check. Then copy and paste into your descriptions.

Cross Stitch is two word btw and there’s no such word as antiqued it’s either an antique ie it’s at least 100years old or it’s in an antique style ie it’s in the style of something that would have been made over 100years ago.

I would suggest promoting in as many ways as possible outside of Folksy, also why not join in some of the promotional threads in the Showcase section of the forum where we all promote each other’s items.
What social media sites are you currently using?

And don’t forget business cards to hand out to people.

(Margaret Jackson) #7

To be fair, she did say it was only a test listing, but yes I do agree that these things are important. Hopefully once Aimee starts listing in earnest, these issues will be addressed.

(Kylie Tilley) #8

**Welcome to folksy, I had an etsy shop and never sold anything. Folksy shop has only been opened 6 months and sold 4 things. **

(Grenla) #9

thanks for more response.

grammar and spelling noted, I do have dyslexia so do struggle a bit.

Thanks for all the advice, I suppose I will get on with it now then :wink: