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I keep eating my props!

I’m supposed to be on a diet but I bought some little chocolate eggs to put in a basket as a prop in the photographs of my little Easter Bonnet mice and every time I take a photo to list a new item, I eat another egg. There won’t be any left in the basket soon!


I think thats very restrained of you - if I bought a packet of mini eggs I doubt they would make it as far as being a prop!


I think one egg per listing is very restrained of you, and a totally appropriate treat for the arduous work listing can be!!
I was given 2 bags yesterday, and i put them in the glove compartment of the car, now hubby has gone away for a few days in said car, and i forgot to remove them!! I hope he doesn’t find them!!
Suzzie x

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Haha, I done that with my chocolate coins at Christmas, I had to go out and buy more :slight_smile: Love the photo x

Oh no Suzzie!! Let’s hope he doesn’t go in the glove compartment for anything! x

Thanks Jan. I bet it felt like you were paying yourself with chocolate coins :blush:

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:smile::smile: :smile: chocolate mini eggs are so irresitilble aren’t they!

Just to let you all know, my 2x packets of mini eggs arrived back home safe. Hubby had no idea of his precious cargo! They are now hidden on the top self of the larder where i need a chair to stand on to reach them.
Suzzie x


That made me smile😊
I’ve only just looked at my messages - I’ve been busy all day packing up little mice to send off to customers. They are now all at the post office - I do hope they all behave themselves in there!
I’m afraid my supply of eggs is now very small! - gave into temptation several times.
It’s a good job I’ve nearly finished my Easter items!

My next shop theme needs to have props that aren’t edible!:wink:

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I managed my ‘give up chocolate for Lent’ for all of 4 days when we had the grandchildren and treat for pud was ice-cream cones, a decided I would have a strawberry one which isn’t my favourite and forgot the whole of the cone was lined in chocolate!!! Big fail…so hubby goes out and buys a bag of mini eggs, well they didn’t last long…how good of you to put them in the cupboard for Easter…I usually have a bag or two before Lent then expect to have a full size egg on Easter Sunday!!!