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I need an OTT birthday card!

(Stitchingarainbow) #1

My niece and god daughter who lives in Poland will be 18 (and this is the big birthday in Poland) on 10th of May. We do not keep in touch and I do not know her well but I would love to send her personalized card.
I would love the card to be big, bold, girly, glittery and scream ‘I am a very special card made specially for you’…
Can anybody help?

(Margaret Jackson) #2

What a shame you’ve got no replies Magdalena, I’d have thought with all the card makers here you’d have had lots of offers…

(Stephanie Short) #3

Hiya Magdalena
Margaret, I’ve just saw this thread!

As you are a recent customer Magdalena, did you have a look at any of my card designs? They are very bright and colourful
Let me know if I can help:) Steph xx

(Stephanie Short) #4

Ps forgot to say, all my cards can be personalised too:)) Steph x

(Thecardjeanie) #5

Hi Magdalena,

I couldn’t say that my cards are very glittery but they are girlie!! I have just made this one for my niece who is 21 next week. It can be personised and I could jazz it up with a big organza ribbon around the fold. Do have a look at my ‘Vintage Fashion’ and my ‘Couture’ sections in my shop.

Jeanie x
P.S. I could replace the Eifil Tower charm with a selection of ‘girlie’ charms, e.g. stilletto show, perfume bottle, umbrella…

(Margaret Jackson) #6

Steph, I hoped that by commenting I’d bump up the thread and bring it to someone’s attention. Glad it worked! :slight_smile:

(Dawn Marshall) #7

Hi pop along and have a look in my shop,cards can be adapted to suit you…dawn

(Stitchingarainbow) #8

Thank you, for bumping the thread and for your replies, I am off to shop now <3

(Renphotographycouk) #9

From my experience if you want to impress 18 years old, concentrate on what you put inside the card :slight_smile:

(Stitchingarainbow) #10

This bit is easy, worked it out long ago :wink:

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #11

I have some pink girly cards that can be personalised for you here is one of them just newly listed today
the computer screen can be personalised

(Stitchingarainbow) #12

I have already ordered a card but thanks for replying. Your card look like my 12 yo desk ;), love it? Do you think you can have it in red or blue?

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #13

I have it in black but can also show you different colours that are slightly different. I will email them to you

(Astrid Huxham ) #14

Make it its way cheeper!! plus you will get exactly what you want.