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I would very much like a 16th birthday card for my daughter

I am looking for a handmade special 16th birthday card for my daughter, who is very into unicorns and art! Her birthday is the 24th February, so hopefully I have not left it too late!

Looking forward to seeing what you lovely people suggest!

Natalie x

Hi Natalie

I have this unicorn design and make all my cards to order so I could make a birthday card personalised for your daughter with whatever wording you would like!

Hi Natalie, I sell personalised cards too. I don’t have any unicorn ones but have other designs that might be suitable for a special birthday. Here are a couple of examples:

I often sell this card for teenagers. If you prefered to have her age rather than her name it can say Happy 16th Birthday. I have some like that going into a B&M shop at the moment!
Whichever you choose - I hope she has a great day!

Thank you all, I will be passing on your suggestions to friends and family too who are looking for the perfect card.

Natalie x

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just noticed this post Maybe i am too late But i could perhaps do a unicorn card? I can send you some ideas if you like?