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I need some advice on oilcloth please!

I have a Cath Kidston bag, it is white with a pretty pink rose print but it has gone yellow around the edges and is starting to look awful!

Does anyone know how I can bring the bag up to a nice white again and get rid of the yellow?
Is there anything I can do to clean it up?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Your best bet would be to contact Cath Kidston themselves. They’re really responsive on their twitter account by the looks of things…I have this (possibly wrong) idea that oilcloth yellows as it ages or if it sits in the sun. It might just be a natural effect, but maybe not. I know the old stuff I find in charity shops is always yellowed with age. I’m sure the folks at Cath Kidston will be able to help you properly.

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Ok Thanks Lois @Beesandblossoms I did wonder if it was just age and the sun, I will ask them though as they may have an idea. I didn’t know that oilcloth yellows with age but that would seem likely so I don’t see why you would be wrong. :smiley: