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Ideas for housewarming gifts and cards please!

(Denise Payne) #403

(Virginia Kerr) #404

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(Emma) #406

These would be a fab gift for the modern home!

(Helen Healey) #407

Beach hut cushion.

(Sarah Eves) #408

New home.

(Roxanne Levy) #409

Fridge magnets.

(Witty Dawn) #410

(bluebellwoodturning) #411

How about this lovely Acacia Wood bowl, particularly if they live in Acacia Avenue!!.
Lovely stylish and weighty bowl made from Acacia wood with very fine grain figuring and a natural feature on its underside (see pic 5) which starts just inside the top of the bowl. It measures 158mm diameter and is 52mm tall and after being sanded smooth it has been finished with beeswax to a mid sheen shine.

(Roxanne Levy) #412

A landscape on canvas.


A stitched picture

(Sarah Eves) #414

Propping doors open!

(sandranesbitt) #415

(Claire Woodhead) #416

(JDCrafts) #417

(Elaine) #418

home keyring

(Julie Maginn) #419

How about a little trinket box, other designs available.

(Bibi) #420

I did one of these recently for someone’s new home. Used newspaper from date of move plus some of their wedding stationary tissue paper for centre of a daisy that’s pictured in my shop banner. Hope you like it :relaxed:

(Bibi) #421

Ooh I have a card too…

(René Trewern) #422

Brill for a housewarming.
Comes in a gift box