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If you could share one tip with new sellers, what would it be?

(Susan Bonnar) #141

Just to add that British Crafters promotion has been amazingly successful for lots of Folksy shops and that we have now moved bookings to here

(flowersandfrolics) #142

Thanks for your encouragement, its so easy to sit here making things on my own wondering if Im doing the right thing or not! Your shop is great too - you have a lot more items than I do!! I love your russian dolls purse set. Right, I think I’ll get started on my Facebook page then.

(AnnaLomasCreations) #143

What a great piece of advice! Very supportive, constructive and inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing!

(Laura Caldow) #144

Hi all - I just wanted to share my experience - been on Folksy for a while now and I recently changed all my titles so they included more likely search terms - rather than “good” names - this has made such a difference to the traffic it was well worth going back over everything - there is always room for improvement !

(Adrienne Barnes) #145

Hi Everyone - I have sat down with a cuppa and read through your comments tonight. Thank you for sharing them. I think good pictures are a must and I’ve played around with my page to make it look interesting and welcoming + the good use of key words. I have also picked up some very good tips from my son - connectivity ie Twitter, Hootsuite and Instagram are very good tools to show case your Folksy Shop.

(Stevenbowlerdesigns) #146

Tip number 1:Do not fish toast out of a toaster (that is plugged in) with a knife!!!
2:Do not put your tongue on frozen stuff eg alluminium ladders outside
3:Always wear clean underwear…you never know!!!
4:If at first you don’t succeed, give up and try something else.
5:Never give tips.

I hope this helps…goodbye.

(Vicki Cockcroft) #147

If you could share one tip with a ‘returning after a break’ seller, what would it be? Hello. I’m on my way back, to those who may remember me and hello, I’m here to those who don’t. Serious question. I’m very rusty, particularly about promoting. If anyone’s got time to bullet point me some advice, I’d be SO grateful.

(Rachel) #148

Maybe including your name in tags so that people can find you? Vicki @VickiCockcroftJewellery

(Vicki Cockcroft) #149

Wow, Rachel. Thank you so much. I’m on it. Or, I will be tomorrow! V grateful. Vicki

(GiftsWithGlitz) #150

So much fantastic advice really helps us new sellers very grateful

(SassyLassCreations) #151

As a new seller on Folksy I very much appreciate all of the advice given here. Thank you x

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #152

My thoughts are simply- good photos matter.
Ever since I started putting more effort into my pictures, people have been taking more interest. Recently I was struggling with photographing prints against the background that I used for jewellery (looked great for my jewellery though) so over the weekend I started re photographing them on white backgrounds and got a great response. So it really does pay off.

(Sue) #153

Shame we’re giving away good advice to new sellers on Etsy! Folksy is the most wonderful place, full of friendly people and good advice :blush:

(SassyLassCreations) #154

OMG I’m so sorry for this! I meant Folksy! I had tried the other site before and find Folksy much better. I can only apologise for this slip up wooooops!!!:blush:
Post has been changed :blush::blush::blush:

(Emma) #155

Thank you everyone for the amazing advice, it’s heart warming to see the generosity of other sellers :smile:

(BrickingIt) #156

After reading some useful tips from the seller’s newsletter I thought I’d experiment with a time-lapse video of one of my pieces being made. I did a bit of googling and found a free App called OSnap for my iphone and took my first ever time lapse video with my phone balanced on my son’s hiking boot. I thought it looked a bit amateurish, but I posted it on my facebook page to see how it would go down. After only a few hours it’s had more then 3,000 views and I’ve been contacted by a local news website (who have now posted a piece: and a feature writer from the Sun newspaper wanting to do a feature! Wow - talk about impact!

(Sally Eira) #157

great video :slight_smile:

(BrickingIt) #158

Thanks Sally, it was surprisingly easy - it took about half an hour. Next time I’d use a tripod instead of a boot though! I used bostik sticky dots to keep the base in place in between shots.

(pragyaagarwal) #159

Some great tips here. Just scrolling through heaps of experience. Started this a couple of months ago but was focussing my energies in selling elsewhere. Here is my shop. Please have a look and if any suggestions, they would be most welcome!!

Hedge and Hog Prints

(katrineagle) #160

I’m new to Folksy. How do I get hits on my items? I’ve been tweeting my listings but just don’t know what to do next. Any tips for a newby?