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If you could share one tip with new sellers, what would it be?

(Margaret Jackson) #121

Have a look at Eileen’s post above, she lists lots of great ways to promote your shop, pinterest, Craftjuice, google+, wanelo, etc etc… I’m not sure about linking pages, the other will know. Of course, posting on the forum helps to get you known too.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #122

You’ll find the pin it button (pinterst) facebook and twitter button next to every item you list on Folksy.

(PetesPicknMixKnits) #123

Just got a tweet today on twitter along the same lines
It made me realise it’s not the quantity knitting I do
But the enjoyment I get from doing it

(Mandy Hills) #124

Never give up! Be willing to change and evolve products, take risks, listen to feedback!

(Camilla) #125

Last night we had a #folksyhour chat over on Twitter, where the topic was:

What would you say to someone thinking about selling their work?

If you missed it, we’ve put together a quick recap of what happened, complete with loads of tips for new sellers

These were just some of the things that were said:

Natasha from Baillie Day: "Make sure to keep retaking photos and updating listings, I’ve only started this week but already I’ve seen my views grow #folksyhour

Kath @kathheywood agreed:
“Yes, update photos whenever you have the chance, I roped in my daughter and her husband last year to model.”

Liz from @BigBirdLittleBird had some good advice about choosing the right craft fair:
“Make sure you visit them before you sign up. Or go on recommendation from someone you trust”

“Folksy people are all very helpful compared to some other similar places…feels a reassuring community to be a part of.”

There are loads more tips if you click through to the story, and we’ll write a blog post with more!

(tmsjewellery) #126

I like this tip - I always have a hard time pricing things because I wouldn’t be able to afford to spend say £30 on a necklace - luckily I have a good friend who helps me see the value of my pieces :smile:

(Detola and Geek) #127

Take great photos of your prouct. always an be consistent with the theme

(candlestax) #128

Hello folks! what great advice-I’m just starting out on here and appreciate all your insights!

(Sue Beacham) #129

My advice is, don’t give up, you like me may have been on folksy for months and not had a sale, I had my first sale almost 9 months after I set up shop on folksy, now I have had six sales I am on instagram and I have my folksy shop address on there, I am convinced this is why I am selling, so that is my second advice, go on instagram, its free and you will find lots of encouragement and help.

All the best to us all on folksy

Sue xx

(BaudelaireBazaar) #130

i totally love this comment… although I am new to folksy , I sell other places. I agree that the experience and quality vary for each craftsperson . I also think that sometimes people struggle to understand there is a difference between handmade/ hand crafted and home made. honesty in your images and quality are allways the best way forward … and price properly … don’t undersell yourself

(Adien Crafts) #131

I would say photos, photo’s photo’s! Bane of my life but I keep working at improving them, your customer has only the photo to go by when choosing you from among the hundreds of other Makers.

(Sue Beacham) #132

Like I have said before, don’t give up to easily, hand out your cards with your folksy address on, spread the news on social web pages FB, PIN, TWIT etc, I agree photos are so important, lots of good photos at different angles and good write up on your crafts ( I’m still working on this myself ) also go on Instagram. I cant say this enough, GO ON INSTAGRAM a great place to show your crafts and its FREE, when you are on instagram put your folksy shop address on there, that’s how I sold all my craft so far, all 6 of them, I am a reasonable new comer to folksy.

I hope this help you all


(SarahsSketchbook) #133

Hello! Thanks everyone for all of these tips, I’ve just started actively advertising my shop EVERYWHERE so I’m hoping that maybe soon I’ll get that elusive first sale! :smile: xx

(Martine Brumwell) #134

Think about branding. Have a theme , style, colour scheme that suits your product and target audience and make sure it runs though everything - shop banner, photographs, business cards, packaging, Facebook pages etc - think about the professionals - more often than not, it’s the branding of their style that attracts customers and builds up a following. Have a look at how different professionals sell the type of thing you are making and how they use branding. Then stick to your style and promote, promote, promote to your target audience. If you love the things that you sell then others will too!

(Heron Cottage Creations) #135

I agree.If you believe in what you do then others will too.

(Handmade Hotspot) #136

Lupin was savvy - and you are wise! A constant problem blind spot for creative sellers.

(Mauhiba) #137

Hi, i am new, just listed my first item. How can i promote my shop

(flowersandfrolics) #138

I have been on Folksy for a few months, in fact Ive just re-listed a couple of my first items today. Ive had no sales though. Its taking me a while to design and make my items and I haven’t got that many yet. At what stage would I start promoting via Facebook etc? I keep thinking that I need to have more stock before telling people about the shop?! My shop is here I would welcome any feedback. Thanks!

(Marg) #139

As @littleRamstudio said at the start of this thread about it being a marathon. That’s exactly right, and a marathon starts with just one step.

My tip would be to buy the best quality, most fabulous fabric you can afford for your projects.

(Helen Healey) #140

Try not to get too disheartened @flowersandfrolics. It took me 7 months to make my first Folksy sale. Your shop is lovely. I really love your purses - some really pretty fabrics. I’d say go for it now with the promoting. It takes a while to get noticed and there’s no point having a shop filled with lovely items that no-one knows about! Good luck. I’m sure the sales will come.