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If you could share one tip with new sellers, what would it be?

(Christine Shephard) #161

You’ll need to promote your shop/items in as many places as possible. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Craftjuice, Instagram, blogs (why not start one of your own and link back to your Folksy shop?). Craft fairs - hand out business cards with your Folksy link on them. Local craft groups, friends & family - ask them to share your Folksy link and spread the word. Take part in local art events/open houses/craft markets. It takes time and loads of effort to get people to see your shop on here, there’s very little passing trade, so YOU need to tell them where you are. Good luck!

(Natalie Morris) #162

what a simple but great idea - I never thought of that

(Alexandra) #163

I heart Ira Glass. Thank you for sharing this quote

(Susan Mochrie) #164

Just to add to the above great advise, if you have a blog, craft juice etc, the images you post will show up well in the google search xx

(MollyMacShop) #165

I love this comment. You just have to keep going and growing re inventing and renewing.

As I once read and it has stayed with me 'You cannot asses if you’ve succeeded or failed until you’re dead! " Just keep pushing forward - MollyMacShop

(Maureen Lacey) #166

I agree too, especially the promoting wherever you can itm

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #167

Thank you for this, LittleRam! I opened my shop 3 days ago and need all the encouragement I can muster. :smile:

(Witty Dawn) #168

Take the best pictures you can - and have a go with various free photo editors to get the look you want.

For example a beautifully made item photographed on an unironed sheet just isn’t doing it justice…

Sometime worth setting up an area in your home as a staging/photo area - but you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy equipment either. Usually a lot of photography tips on here.

MIne still need work … and I’ve been doing this for years ! LOL

(Ripley Makes ... accessories) #169

Hi Folksy Friends and Colleagues.
My shop has been on Folksy for a few months under the name of Ripley’s Rambles. However, I rushed things a bit and am now looking into improving my shop front and shop sales.
My shop is now called ‘Ripley Makes… accessories’, and, while I look into how I get the shop name changed I am eager to learn some ‘tricks’.
My two learning curves are how and what to put into an introduction to myself and, should I draft my own on-line shipping policy?
Also, how do you all make the buyer feel that they have purchased something special when they recieve their parcel.
Just to give a little teaser, my FB link where I have added a picture of some new fabric is Ripley Makes … accessories

(Joy Salt) #170

Love your things. Just loved a couple so if I timed it right you might grab a front page slow for 10 minutes of so. Was going to find you on Facebook but you haven’t shown a link ? One thin everyone will tell you is that you must promote promote promote. Facebook is my main social media promoter and I work at it, every day.
Good luck with your lovely shop

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #171

Aww many thanks, Joy @JOYSofGLASS, that’s so very kind of you. I don’t have a Facebook link for this shop. But I am on Facebook with a different business name. Many thanks for the helpful tips and lovely comments. :slight_smile: Yvonne x

(NaturallyPreciousDesignsbySuzanne) #172

Hi there, I have this quote on my work bench , it’s so true !!! Thank you for sharing it . Suzanne ( naturally precious designs) x

(MadeintheTemple) #173

So true, I keep a list of different companies angel policies in a note book so if I want to use a diecut for one of my bags I can check if I am within the limit or if I can use it at all.

(Emma Rogerson) #174

Wow ! Great story so pleased for you!

(pixiedoodledoo) #175

Thanks for the advice

(claremaryangreen) #176

Yes, people often steal my design ideas, I think you just have to take it as a compliment!

(Kimberley Kay Robinson) #177

My former career was PR - so I created three concise videos (and accompanying PDFs) on how to promote yourself/ business

(Niki Connor) #178

Can I ask Folksy Sellers who have experience and good sales - did you find that the more items you listed the more interest/sales you achieved?

(Sarah Eves) #179


For me, more items listed means more views and impressions, but it hasn’t really made much difference to sales.

For around three months after Christmas I experimented with pay-as-you-go rather than the plus account that I’d had for years.
This was for a variety of reasons, but at one point my stock went down to less than 100 items, and I kept it like that for a month or so.
Now, it is back up to around 300.
During that time I noticed no difference at all to sales pattern, but my views were definitely lower.

Sarah x

(Sarah Eves) #180

To new sellers, my tip would be never to underprice.

My second tip would be patience and heaps of promotion in different places.
And never underestimate postage/packing/commission fees.