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Inspiration needed! uncut rubies

Hello all, this is my first post on Folksy, I was very lucky and came across a garage sale and found a box of semi precious stones the owner didn’t want, I paid for them and found in the bottom of the box some lovely semi precious stone and agates plus a bag of uncut/rough Indian rubies!!! ranging in size from 3mm to 6mm. whats the best way in getting them cleaned and polished? as I would love to make something from them, not sure what though.

How polished do you want them? Do you mean cut into faceted stones or cabochons or rough shapes but shiny? For rough but shiny I’d put them in a sonic bath with some warm water and washing up liquid, that will also shake loose any loose bits that might come off during setting.

Hello Sasha, thanks for your reply, well I will try and put a picture up of them, id really like to bring the colour out more, they are a bright fushia pink when the light hits them. I was hoping for a cabochon look but rough/shiny could work as well.

Are you sure they are rubies and not rhodolite garnet? The person I normally use for cutting cabochons doesn’t cut that small, you could try who were recently recommended for getting a stone recut in a jewellery group I’m part of but it don’t come cheap.

they could well be, at the moment they are in a bag labeled Indian ruby, everything in the box with it is dated around the 1970’s invoices, magazines etc, so I think ill take your advice and get them properly checked out. Thanks for your help xx