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International buying and selling, do import costs affect what people purchase?

Just curious. I have nothing in my shop over £26 and quite a lot of low priced items (the idea was always to get started then spend 2017 adding products at the higher end of the price scale). But it did occur to me, are customers overseas more likely to only buy high end costly products as this makes the postage and import duties worth it?

Like I say, just curious…

At the moment while we are still in the EU anyone ordering from us will not be paying import charges or VAT.

Those in the USA only pay import duties if the item is over the value $250 US Dollar but I don’t know at what rate

Once we are out of the EU that is when things could get bad for us exporting to the EU as the rest of the EU countries might decide to charge their peoples VAT at whatever rate they charge in their shop in their own countries that can be between 15% and 27% of items value. As we will no longer be part of the EU free market.

Hope that helps

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I sell quite a lot overseas with a value under £26 I charge £4 P+P and it doesn’t seem to put people off. I think compared to some countries our postage is relatively cheap so it is not seen as excessive.

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Thanks. Yes both a help. I was wading through the official stuff and the site was listing anything over £15 as requiring vat but not customs. That’s also interesting re the £4 as I was adjusting postage based on royal mail and its a lot higher. I have posted to Brittany and it was £5.60. Anyway, heaven knows how all this will look this time next year. I’m sure this forum will be buzzing with confused sellers trying to get things right!

That for importing from outside the EU for instance if I was to buy fabric from the USA and it was valued over the £15 then I would have to pay the VAT on that at the normal rate of 20% + the Royal Mail Handing Charge of £8 if it was sent via a courier that Handling charge would be even more expensive.

If I ordered it from a EU community country I wouldn’t have to pay the VAT on it. It would be free of VAT. This is to encourage us to buy within the EU rather than from the USA and the rest of the world.

Where vat comes into things is different for different types of items and also the import duty on top of VAT. But you’ll not be importing those type of things, the higher price range of items.

Besides you are looking at exporting not importing.

I have worked in an export/import department for large company, importing and exporting high ticket and high quanties items.

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Thanks. It’s very easy to get turned around researching this stuff!