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Is anyone else addicted to "The Repair Shop"? (BBC1)

This little daytime gem is broadcast when I am out at work, but I have found myself binge watching the whole lot on iPlayer. It’s fabulous.The crafts people have enviable talent.
Redistributing the stuffing in a leather rhino by wiggling a stick up its bottom remains the highlight for me!


I’ve watched a couple of episode on catch up so far. I liked the giant teddy being re-stuffed!

buy new and chuck the old things away…lol…

Absolutely love The Repair Shop :slight_smile: Happened on it by accident around series 2, I think, and always record it now. Particularly love the ceramic repair lady, the wood repair bloke, the clock man and the painting restorer lady. Flipping amazing when they get something with a massive rip or scratch, or in a million bits, and when you see it again it looks like new. They’re very good at what they do, that’s for sure.

And that leather rhino footstool was a beauty, no wonder the leather lady was after it :smiley:

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I love it and have watched every episode. I’m just blown away by how talented the restorers are. I just wish there wasn’t so much crying at the end as it always sets me off too!

Such a talented bunch of people, it’s great viewing. I’m with you Chris @TheChrisArtist on the leather rhino, I’m hoping that I never need my stuffing re-arranged…


I adore the show, though I tend to cry a lot, such touching stories behind the pieces.

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ha ha Lynn @erkinwald …is this another one for the naughty corner?

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I’ve never watched it but have just discovered ‘Home is where the art is’ on iplayer & I can’t stop watching it! I love to see how 3 completely different artists interpret the brief.


Yes, we love it here, have been watching from the beginning :slight_smile:

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Yes I think it probably is Brenda @teabreaks I didn’t want the naughty corner/step to feel abandoned. :grinning:

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I thought this would be another of those recycle and update rubbish shows that they have on now but I love it. Did you see yesterday with the model plane carved by a fighter pilot in the war. I am running out of tissues with all of the reactions at the end of the show and the stories behind the items. Sorry Brenda @teabreaks I can’t agree with you here there are some things worth holding on to and saving for the special stories behind them, but where would we be if everyone thought the same.


I’m glad I not the only one who has to get the tissues out @MadeintheTemple. The stories behind the pieces are so powerful. Such talented repairers, I loved the silver purse featured yesterday, the end result was gorgeous.


I always thought it was really sad recording day time TV - however The Repair Shop is a must for me. Brilliant brilliant artisan crafters with loads and loads of fabulous skills and talents - great stuff. Enjoy ……

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So impressed have I been by the skills of the craftspeople that I have been internet stalking, sorry, Googling them, to look at their own websites. The before and after photos on the ceramic lady’s website are gobsmacking (a plastic bag with a thousand pieces, transformed back into a Dresden vase and she guarantees invisible repairs!). The upholstering lady has also done some impressive chair and sofa restorations. And I love the teddy bear ladies!


Oh, Brenda, you are awful (but I like you!) :rofl:

Love it, I wish it was on at a different time, more people need to hear the message of repair not throw away.

Chris, I did some stalking too, I’m following Jay and Kirsten (ceramic lady) on Instagram. :slight_smile:

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Jay is also on “Money for Nothing” he sometimes presents it and also is featured with his brightly painted items. I love his work.

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I love it too! Such amazingly talented crafts people.