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New show on BBC - Home is where the Art is

Did any of you watch that new show on BBC today hosted by Nick Knowles - Home is Where the Art is?

It was quite good - basically,3 artists get invited into a home to get clues about the homeowners likes and dislikes, tastes etc and then they have to come up with ideas for an artwork that they think the homeowners would like to have in their home for the price of £200.
Today it was a painter, ceramicist and a wood sculptor - all 3 of them have the initial opportunity to pitch their ideas to the homeowners, then one will get turned down. The other two then get to create their artwork and one will get chosen as the winner.

It was really enjoyable - you get to see a little glimpse into the artists’ studios and how they work.

Worth a watch.


It was on while I was doing other things, so only heard it but it sounded good, must sit down and watch it. :slight_smile:

Ooo that’s good news and covers two of my favourite things in a TV progranmme - looking round other people’s homes and crafting. It could fill the void left by the end of the Escape to the Chateau series!

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Oh I need to catch up on this. My kind of programme

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Ok I haven’t heard of this, I will look out for it

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We watched it, it was very interesting, we agreed with the buyers, but the other one was lovely too.
Don’t miss it …

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ooh, today they’ve got £1000 to spend! I’ll have to watch it later. I think it must be on every day!

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I don’t like that everything has to be a competition these days. I’d feel so sad for the one that’s turned down (I’d just think it would be me!):neutral_face:

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I am glad yesterday’s spend was £1000, as I thought £200 for the winning artist on Monday was unrealistic. It must have taken her hours to produce that piece and I thought it would give the impression that individual art is cheap. I think it’s a great programme and I will be a regular watcher

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thanks for the reminder…just put the tv on x

Do love a programme with a creative brief & watching what people do with that. Thank you, am now downloading 4 episodes!

I’ve managed to catch a couple of episodes. Interesting concept. Very good to see more art based programmes on TV now, after antiques have been done to death!