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Is anyone else disabled/chronically ill and crafting?

(Jet Spero) #1

Just wondering if anyone else is in the same position as myself. I’m chronically ill (for the past 17 years) so not able to work full time, or even regularly part time. As such I’m now self employed at this crafting business! It’s under permitted work with my benefits, so all above board :slight_smile: Anyone else similar?

(Leslie Morton) #2

Yes, I too am disabled. I am down to working two days a week so it gives me plenty of art time. I have a number of issues including mobility but I am trying my best to not let it get me down. I’m retiring next year anyway so am starting to look forward to the coming years of freedom!

(Jet Spero) #3

Yes I’m similar, mobility problems too (amongst others). I do try not to let it get me down, but also suffer from mental illness, and getting both conditions on a balance can be hard… that’s where the craft/art comes in! I’m currently trying to open my first shop on here, as well as keeping open an existing Etsy shop ( ) so it’s a bit of a challenge!
I’m nowhere near retirement age, just doing what I can whilst I can.

(Anita Rose Designs) #4

Hi there I too cant hold down a “normal” job with my MS which affects my mobility plus fatigue. I like to craft to keep me active as Im no where near retirement age!

(Jet Spero) #5

Ah, I’ve got t’other one - M.E.!

(Lisa Harrison) #6

Degenerative disc disorder plus arthritis here. Thankfully I can still do my office based job and keep fairly active. Biggest impact is my plans for a family are on hold. I have steroid injections into various spinal joints every so often, and they are done guided by xray

(Claire Woodhead) #7

Hi I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia for a few years with chronic pain and fatigue so could only work part-time. Just been made redundant from my little job in a cafe which has closed down so lots more time to knit! I do miss the social side if working though. Joined a knitting group and now making lots of new friends.

(Jet Spero) #8

How do you all find running an online shop goes with your illness? I find it helps mentally, but the making and selling are hard on the physical… what about you? Any tips?

(Brenda Cumming) #9

sending healing thoughts to you all…it makes me appreciate my good health…69 at the end of this year and haven’t seen my GP in over 25 years…SOOOO lucky.

(Emma Turner) #10

Yup! I’ve got secondary breast cancer, but you wouldn’t know if you met me. I work part time from home, and also run the business with the help of quite a few good friends who look after our sheep with me. I get tired more easily, and I can’t lift heavy weights or walk long distances, but to be honest it doesn’t affect me that much. I don’t claim any benefits, but I’m not really ill enough yet. I’ve been trying to design the business so that by the time I am really ill, I’m not doing so many markets and I’m selling more online and/or wholesale. I think I tend to rely on sheer bloody-mindedness a lot of the time in order to get stuff done!

(Jet Spero) #11

I’m very similar, often doing what I shouldn’t be doing for my health just because I want to get the job at hand finished! Though at the moment I’ve had a bit of a break from my volunteer job due to a period of mental illness. I’m slowly getting back and finding that making new items for my folksy shop is quite soothing. :smile: