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Is anyone interested in sterling silver jewellery findings

Sadly a very dear friend passed away suddenly and her partner has given me all of her craft making items to either use myself or sell for charity, there are a vast number of large boxes which I have to go through and I have only just started to sort them out. I only dabble in jewellery making so the majority of this I will sell on to others.
This little lot are just a few of the jewellery findings (the majority of which are Sterling Silver but I can’t vouch that they all are). If anyone is interested in them please contact me, I would be looking for a donation to send off to charity. She was very passionate about her jewellery making and I know she would like her items to go to a like minded person.


Sorry to hear about your friend and I hope you manage to get a good sum for the charity. There are too many things that I wouldn’t use for me to be interested however looking at the photos I see lots of jewellery maker and cooksons labels/ product codes so if anyone is interested I’ve had products from both of these companies and they are good and worth the investment.

Many thanks Sasha for your kind input, I’m glad that you could vouch for the quality of the items, I really don’t know very much about jewellery making and what companies supply good quality items.

Have messaged you Rachel @GreenwoodMakes

I think I have messaged you Lynn @erkinwald - but it did something weird at the end so not sure where it went.

Hi Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery I’ve received your message and replied to you.

Hi Lynn, so sorry to hear of your friends passing. I expect you have already sold these, but I am about to message you xx

Many thanks to all those who contacted me, your support is much appreciated. I’m pleased to say that all the findings have found new homes. :slight_smile:

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