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(Debbie Howden) #1

I’ve had a break from jewellery making for a while and in that time it seems that a lot of the shops or suppliers that I used to use are either no longer in business or reduced their range of stock so I can’t seem to get everything that I need. Is anyone else having similar problems or is there a gem (pardon the pun) of a place that I haven’t heard of that you would recommend? I currently need sterling silver findings (ball headpins, jump rings, earring wires, toggle clasps) and also drop pearls (freshwater or glass) and Czech crystals and Swarovski crystals (in fuschia/hot pink - and preferably in the rondelle shape).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



(Sasha Garrett) #2

I get my silver findings (that I don’t make myself) from: and my pearls from: Never used crystals so can’t help there but I’m sure someone else will recommend a supplier.

(Dawn Sneesby) #3

Palmer Metals and Cooksongold are both great for sterling silver findings ,lots of choice and reasonable prices.

(Leah Wilkinson) #4

For what your looking for I’d recommend international craft as well. There easy to use and they ship out quickly so you don’t have to wait long. They used to do all sorts of charms as well but they’ve stopped now

( Valerie Dockerty) #5

I use the silver corporation for sterling silver p & p is free if you spend over £15 and very quick delivery they also sell Swarovski crystals , silver plate

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #6

I too love international craft! I have never found better or cheaper :slight_smile:

(Faye Huxham) #7

They are lovely. I used to make jewellery since I was 14 but then I turned my attention to art I also thought of going back to jewellery as my whole family is into it. Lovely things.

(CopperTobi) #8

Hmmm I’m not using sterling silver so cannot say about this, most of my stuff I still have from Ebay :slight_smile: But I was looking for some specific beads which are not on ebay and found some nice selection of beads (pearls, crystals etc) in - prices are not bad too :slight_smile:

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #9

I use the Silver Corporation for most of my findings.

(Elizabeth & Chryssanthi) #10


We’re in the process of destashing our stock of gemstone beads if you want to have a peek.


Lizzy & Chryssi

(Jessica Painter) #11

Hi Debbie,

I use Palmer Metals and find their products, pricing and customer service great.

I also use a company called Perles and Co. I have a lot of sterling silver earring settings for Swarovski 39ss and 29ss stones from them. I now do not need these settings and if you are interested in buying them from me I can send you all the details - pictures, my invoice from Perles and Co etc. I only bought these findings recently.


(cindyheadley) #12

I use A E Wards for my gemstones now, they have great customer service and a fantastic selection…although I am still a die hard ebayer for unusual ones.
I make my own findings mostly so Can’t help there, I will be checking out some that have been recommended above though.

(Debbie Howden) #13

Thanks. I’m going to check out your recommendations now. I don’t need any earring settings at the moment but thanks for the offer.