Folksy Ltd

Silver plate findings destash

Hi All,
When I started this little enterprise of mine I bought a selection of silver plate findings and beads from International Craft and I’m not using them so thought I would offer them to you lot rather than have them take up precious storage space. So I have:
silver plated fish hook earrings - originally 500 pairs in the bag at least 350 pairs left
SP medium curb chain (pretty hefty I was using it for charm type bracelets) - at least 3m left
SP extension chain - about 3m
SP small trigger clasps - at least 100
Sp 1 1/2 inch head pins ~100
2mm SP crimps - over 500
3mm SP crimp covers - 100 ish
2x15mm SP tube beads - over 400
2mm round SP beads - I think the bag is untouched around 500
SP folding clasp (for putting on the end of leather or cord) - over 50
And finally some 1 1/4 inch brooch backs - these aren’t silver plated but silver tone I think they are nickel plated (part number F.0892.14.NP)
I was thinking £20 the lot as there is quite a lot of it but make me an offer and I’ll create a listing otherwise they are going back in the box under the desk. I think the mass of hooks means it will have to go small parcel so postage will be a couple of quid.