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Is it worth it?

(TheHandMadePetticoatLady) #1

Hi everyone

I have just joined, I am a seller on Etsy and I am wondering if my hand made 50s style petticoats would be a seller here on Folksy. There are no petticoats listed at all and I bam wondering if that is because there is no demand or because no one has yet listed any

Before I dive in head first I would really appreciate any advise from seasoned sellers

Thanks in advance


(Leathermeister) #2

Hi Maria welcome to Folksy, this is a very friendly platform to be selling from, the forums are very friendly so have a look around at some of the other topics. It’s not that easy to sell here you need to do a lot of advertising and bring your own customers in which is a shame when there is so much lovely items on sale.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Hi and welcome Maria

The petty coat is lovely and as the only one at the present time offering them you’re items will come up first when someone searches for pettycoats.

As said you do have to do a lot of promoting both in the forum and on as many social media sites as you are able to manage.

all the best

(Grimm Exhibition) #4

I sell at a vintage fair, theres a lady that sells the repro vintage circle skirt dresses and also those style petticoats you make. So if the circle skirts are sold here Im sure you will get buyers for the petticoats too.

(Samantha Stanley) #5

I love this petticoat and would definitely consider buying it! Best of luck,

Love Sam x

(Stephanie Guy) #6

I think it depends on what you want from a folksy shop. As others have said, you have to drive your sales here yourself, you can’t rely on your shop window to do the selling for you. From my own experience selling art, it works best to concentrate on just one venue - but others have success selling through multiple venues so who knows!

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a super friendly community and a fab place to hang out, then dive right in and join in with all the chat.

You could always open a shop and put a few items in it to see if anyone is searching for petticoats - it won;t cost you much and then you’ll know for sure!

(TheHandMadePetticoatLady) #7

Hi Hazel

Thank you for your input. My problem is social media is just a fog to me. I’m still trying to work out what the white hot interface of modern technology is all about

Thanks again


(TheHandMadePetticoatLady) #8

He Eileen

Good point well taken

Thank you


(TheHandMadePetticoatLady) #9

Another good point

Thank you

(TheHandMadePetticoatLady) #10

Hi Sam

My first customer on Folksy maybe LOL

(TheHandMadePetticoatLady) #11

Hi Stephanie

I think that’s what I’m going to do over the weekend

My Etsy shop is very good for me. Ebay is just dire and Amazon ticks along

Nothing ventured nothing gained

(Brenda Cumming) #12

give it a try. As Stephie said, setting up the shop is free and listing is just a few pence. The people here are lovely. I don’t do much on the technical side either…all I do is facebook but every time I list on here, I put the link on my facebook page and it has brought me sales.
Good luck!

(TheHandMadePetticoatLady) #13

Hi Brenda

I agree with you

I’m going to start this weekend (grandchildren permitting)

(Brenda Cumming) #14

don’t forget to come on here and show what you have listed…every little bit helps

(Christine E.) #15

If you log out of the forum, then log back in, your shop link should appear next to your shop name, making it easier for us to find you :smiley: …

(Samantha Stanley) #16


Love Sam x

(Quillextra) #17

Lovely petticoat. Many moons ago I had one with Elvis embroidered all over it. We used to rinse them in sugar and water to make them stiff and crackly.