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Is there a quick way?

(Jill Chapman) #1

I’m sure I already know the answer to this one (No!), but is there a quick way to edit the days taken to ship part of listings without doing each one individually. I need to increase my lead time to 5 days but doing each listing takes 20 seconds and I have over 250 items listed. I could really do with spending that hour and a half making orders instead of changing each listing :frowning:

(Christine Shephard) #2

I don’t know of a quicker way, Jill. It’s always a pain to edit listings when you have so many, I know, but I usually do them in batches to stop me from going crazy!

(Edwina Kinch) #3

Unfortunately, you answered your own question! Have you put some details in “Buying from me”? It would cover you meanwhile, until you can edit all your listings. I agree with Christine do it in batches and perhaps start with your most popular items first.